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13 . 05 . 2018
Angelina Jolie and Pax

We are used to see them on the red carpet, catwalk, movies and stage, but when the lights go down, they are simply loving mums! We are talking about celebrity mums, fantastic women who often seem unattainable; but with their kids, they become affectionate and reveal their private and more intimate side in a simple way. On Mother’s Day, we celebrate 6 famous mums of the moment.

Kate Middleton

Mother of three, the Duchess of Cambridge increasingly conquers our esteem not only for her amazing charm, but mostly because she showed, on more than one occasion, to be a simple woman, despite the important role she covers, and a great mum. She takes care of her children, protecting them from the rigid Royal protocol. She wants her children to have a life as normal as possible. At the same time, however, she knows how to educate them, demonstrating determination. Bravo Kate!

Blake Lively

A super busy actress, Blake Lively is, above all, the mother of James and Ines, the girls she had with husband Ryan Gosling. The beautiful Blake loves her family and she espressed her desire to enlarge it. She has a ‘girl power’ approach to education!


A global diva par excellence, Shakira is truly a super mum, explosive and unique just like her voice. Her strength? Her two  energetic children. The Colombian singer defines herself a “Tiger mother”, combative and always ready to perform around the world. With her kids, she is loving and wants them to grow up in a peaceful and multicultural environment.

Michelle Hunziker

Perfect showgirl and flawless mum, Michelle Hunziker continues to jiggle work and family, even though her 3 daughters, Aurora, Sole, and Celeste always have priority; in the future, in addition to a thousand professional projects, she does not rule out a fourth pregnancy.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, like all other mums, tries to find the right balance between work and family. Mum of 6 children, the actress reveals that the way to find stability is understanding what makes you a better person, and her kids make her happy and strong. After the end of her marriage to actor Brad Pitt, she found herself thanks to them.

Victoria Beckham

Extremely stylish, former pop icon of the 90s, but above all affectionate and present mother, Victoria Beckham is perfect. She has a great understanding of the value of family, her 4 children and husband David Beckham follow her everywhere. During the last fashion show in New York, they claimed to be very proud of her!

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