Nina Ricci: the Maison that looks to the past with humour
Rossignol: mountain style blending innovation and trends

JET SET: a cult brand offering luxury sportswear

02 . 12 . 2019
Nina Ricci: the Maison that looks to the past with humour
Rossignol: mountain style blending innovation and trends

JET SET was born in the mountain town of St. Moritz and has, over the years, maintained that très chic vibe of a resort in which passion for sport and refined living come together. Birthplace of the label, this town is responsible for defining the identity of such a brand that has, since the very beginning, combined sophisticated designs—generally associated with luxury fashion—with athleisure. Over time, JET SET has brought fashion trends that dominated urban environments to the ski slopes, keeping a spotlight on contemporary style visions, so there’s no need to sacrifice elegant style for sport anymore.

Founded in 1969, the brand has a long history fuelled by passion and enthusiasm. It grew and established itself with its high-quality clothing, continued through the 1980s (the decade that sealed its success) based mainly in Germany, and made an all-new breakthrough in 2018. That year, the brand named German stylist Michael Michalsky, whose CV includes positions with adidas and prestigious ties with designers like Yohji Yamamoto, as its leading art director. He was tasked with developing a new vision for JET SET aimed at bringing out every ounce of the brand’s pop soul. This began with the logo, with the original version undergoing certain changes to make people think about the brand’s collections for men and women in a whole new way.

With his input, sustainability and technology became part of the brand’s DNA, which has maintained the high quality of its high-performance fabrics. Starting with the AW19 collection, Michael Michalsky did away with fur and worked towards creating jackets from recycled materials

Sportswear: urban style

Throughout his professional career, Michael Michalsky has maintained very close ties with Berlin, a city that has always inspired him and is brimming, in his own words, with art and music like no other. He used these key inspirations to design garments capable of attracting customers in search of high-quality sportswear and urban styles with an artistic edge, provided by bold prints and colours.

Sportswear: animal prints

Thanks to its aim of redefining luxury sportswear, JET SET has always been a cult brand. With a new director at the helm, the aim was to bring the brand into a more modern world while respecting its proud history. To achieve this, garments capable of bringing tradition, mountain wear functionality and key innovative aspects—such as colour, finishing and shaping—together were carefully researched.

Sportswear: military style

To move the design focus away from the mountain and into the city, Michael Michalsky came up with a new approach: sporty looks with military-style prints. With these garments, JET SET has, once again, found the perfect balance between outdoor style and urban charm, creating versatile outfits that will satisfy any need.

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