Focus on Rotate

06 . 03 . 2019 by Redazione

Rotate is the Danish fashion brand that stood out at the latest Copenhagen Fashion Week, the Scandinavian version of the event, to the point that Forbes ranked it among one of the emerging brands of the year.



The concept behind it is very interesting: the historic Danish luxury brand Birger Christensen, founded in 1869, created Rotate in partnership with two local influencers, former model Jeanette Madsen and stylist Thora Valdimars. “Everybody is always so busy. Women work increasingly hard and we want them to have fun when they finally go out. We want them to dress up, celebrate their femininity and life!” explained Thora Valdimars in an interview.

The result? A strong heritage with a hint of contemporaneity. The puffed sleeves disco inspired dresses are the key pieces of the new Spring-Summer 2019 collection, made of intentionally timeless garments: ultra-short skirts, lots of pink, sheath dresses, cinched waist structured jacquard dresses, stereoscopic floral patterns or Vichy checks, but also long fluid snake print dresses which conjure up suitcases ready for a happiness retreat in exotic places, bubble gum pink, ultra- feminine robe dresses, blazer dresses with jewel appliqués, arabesque gold veined mini-dresses, an acid-green, halter neck jumpsuit and turquoise lamé dresses. Call it the perfect evening wear, but it’s versatile enough to be worn until dawn.

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