Focus on Nanushka

28 . 01 . 2019 by Redazione

Creatively East-meets-West, effortlessly feminine, urban yet blatantly casual. Nanushka tells a fashion story that starts in Budapest an reaches New York catwalks to finally land in the stores where attention to style is a priority, including Rinascente. It was 2006 when London College of Fashion graduate and founder Sandra Sandor decided to go back to her native country and convey her creativity through an entrepreneurial dream that now sells in 30 countries around the world. A few years ago, this project was joined by her partner, Peter Baldaszti, the current CEO. “A contemporary House for the modern human” is the motto that claims an ambition: to sculpt the visionary aesthetics of modern human beings through clothes and accessories. Global influencers such as Camille Charrière and style icons like Lisa Aiken, Net-A-Porter fashion director, largely contributed to Nanushka’s success, whose clothing has become wardrobe’s staples of celebrity such as Gigi Hadid and Charlize Theron.



The Resort 19 collection called Urban Nomad draws its inspiration from the Magyar heritage. A bold casual-country line  characterised by the sober elegance that distinguishes all collections: a tribute to the Hungarian roots of the fashion designer, who combines Japanese tailoring techniques and “Wild West” references. A collection with a DNA that goes beyond longitudes and seasons, mixing warm pieces, such as oversized down jackets and ribbed sweaters, with impalpable blouses and structured denim mini dresses. The key print is the animalier, seen for the robe dress and leggings, in contrast with dominant neutral colours, from cream to blush, and the burnt orange of the high-waisted leather trousers, with touches of lavender, optical white and cornflower blue.

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