Izabel Goulart Style File
Focus on The Attico

Focus on MISBHV

30 . 08 . 2019 by Redazione
Izabel Goulart Style File
Focus on The Attico

MISBHV is short for “misbehave”. The brand created by Natalia Maczek and Thomas Wirski is irreverent by definition, with that touch of eclecticism.

Natalia Maczek - Thomas Wirski

Born in Warsaw, MISBHV developed and established itself in the global nightclub scene: inspired by pure avant-garde, it managed to go beyond the disco trend and enter the urban streetwear wardrobe.

The latest collection is a tribute to Ibiza as it was in the 1980s. “At the time, it was a safe place for artists, musicians, people who were different and found their peace there. In Europe nowadays we are missing that sense of inclusivity”, explained Thomas Wirski in an interview.

Not only vintage postcard inspirations of an island that no longer exists, but also psychedelic hippie prints, writings inspired by WordArt and aesthetics by Microsoft Paint, manga references and indie rock, from LCD Soundsystems to The Jacksons, hands that holds razor blades like on a splatter movie poster and sweatshirts that imitate the packaging of red Marlboros. A feast of quotations that go through half a century of pop culture, between nostalgia and irony.

Hip Hop band Migos will wear some of the garments from the collection during their tour and more and more names from the indie scene are already embracing the  aesthetics of the brand. For non-conformist spirits in terms of style, a selection of men’s pieces is available at Rinascente stores.

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