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30 . 05 . 2019 by Redazione
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Ganni was born from the life and fashion partnership of a Danish couple: Nicolaj Reffstrup and Ditte Reffstrup. Their formula is anything but minimal, designed to dress self-confident women capable of playing with their own style.

Far from an exclusive market positioning, Ganni has an accessible approach and a rational distribution network, aimed at conquering those who want to discover new ways of expressing themselves through what they wear.

Socialites and fashion influencers from all over the world clearly love Ganni: from Scandinavian Caroline Brasch and Pernille Teisbaek, to street style guru Camille Charrière, Spanish Blanca Mirò Scrimieri and Emily Ratajkowski.

Capsule Angels

The brand, which showed at the Copenhagen Fashion Week and together with Serbian-born New York artist Ana Kraš created the Angels capsule, worn by Danish actress Emma Rosenzweig.

An all-female world without boundaries that links consumers and creators, designers and artists, influencers and multi-faceted women with great self confidence and a lot of irony.

The provocation launched by Ganni SS 2019 is an exclusive focus on legs. The patterns of skirts, shorts and dresses are a declination of the wildest pop animalier, in earth warm or ethereal pastel iris inspired colours. It is the leopard 2.0, in impalpable poplin also for boxing shorts.

A must-have straight from the seventies wardrobe: the wrap around skirt with tactical pocket, to be worn strictly with a pair of ugly sneakers that even for this season show no signs of extinction.

Oxford lacing is echoed in the little dress embroidered with sparkling baroque buttons but extremely wearable with any kind of shoes as long as brazenly bold. Denim is sunshine yellow featuring a very light tie-dye.

Floral patterns declined in nostalgic, micro and macro versions on chemisier dresses or hyper flowing ruche enriched georgette ones. Silk and satin are juxtaposed to denim and cotton creating a highly enviable contrast between textures that ranges from rigorous to ironic.

Accessories are inspired by the outdoor world: golden carabiners, fisherman hats, large pockets, visible socks on bare legs, decorated Cowboy boots and pool side sliders.

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