Alessia Marcuzzi: "Marks&Angels, my happy island"

13 . 03 . 2018 by Laura Tortora

After the success of her bag collection, Alessia Marcuzzi arrives in Rinascente with a limited edition created in collaboration with the department store. We met her and talked about all the aspects of the project, and not only …

Radiant, smiling, spontaneous, super energetic, exactly as seen on TV. It’s Alessia Marcuzzi, surrounded by the affection of many fans at annex Rinascente (Milan), while signing autographs and taking selfies with all of her followers. It’s a big day for the showgirl; the project she has been dedicating herself to will be finally revealed. Nevertheless, she won’t be the only star of the event. Placed on a a series of display stands, in the middle of the room, under a cascade of colourful Plexiglas stars – set created by Alessia herself -, here are her ‘co-stars’: Aurora, Greta and Sophia: the three limited edition bags born from Alessia Marcuzzi’s Marks&Angels brand in collaboration with Rinascente. It is the day of the official launch, and Alessia makes no secret of being very excited.

“When Rinascente contacted me offering me to collaborate on a capsule collection, I was thrilled,” she said. “I started this adventure with my handbag brand, Marks & Angels, a year and a half ago. It was a great success, but this was really a surprise. At my first meeting with the team, a very amusing situation happened. I decided to present the bags in person, therefore they saw me entering the room with a giant trolley and then I started to describe the products. On second thought, it could not have been otherwise, since we are a small family run business that focuses on the Made in Italy quality of local artisans”.

But what led a successful woman to embark on a completely new journey in the fashion world? “I’ve always been an accessory lover… Then, a few years ago, a friend of mine asked me to create a collection with her. I loved the experience so much that I decided to create my own brand”.

We all know it went well; but apart from your brand, did you expect to get to inspire Italian girls’ style? Your blog, is among the most followed ones. “Not really,” she admits. “But the response was immediately evident. Many fans started following me to ask for advice on pairings. Now, I decided to bring fashion even on the small screen. On ‘Celebrity Island’, in fact, I launched ‘Alessia’s Closet’: I gave up styling and for the show I wear clothes from my closet. Pieces I wore on TV before. It is big news, because in our world clothes are normally worn only once. I even revisited my mother’s vintage jackets. I thought it would give the audience an important message against waste. I imagined the typical situation of a woman who opens the wardrobe and think: “I have nothing to wear”. Instead each garment can be reinterpreted in a myriad of different ways “.

Therefore, the fashion world is becoming central in your life. “I gave a lot of myself on Marks&Angels, therefore it is very important to me”, she says. “I chose a team of young and very knowledgeable people, that give me an incredible energy. I am personally involved in all phases of production with my dad and my friend Claudia. This project has become my safe haven, a happy island that helps me forget about problems. I love my job on TV, but it’s not always easy to be in the spotlight. It also gives me an idea of a valuable plan B, which I think everyone should have. It is also a project that then my children, Tommaso and Mia could continue, if they wish to”.

What do you think about low-cost fashion? “It’s nice to mix, but designer pieces are forever. On TV, I sported my mother’s Hermès jacket, Yves Saint Laurent and Versace garments combined with fast fashion pieces, a one off. I liked the idea of being able to show the difference”.

All your bags have women’s names, and today, which is the International Women’s Day (Note: the interview took place on March 8), you present the limited edition for Rinascente. Are therefore women your inspiration? “Always,” she says. “My life has always been inspired by women, starting from my grandmother Carmelina, who is 94. She lives alone and every day she goes for walks, shopping, church, exercise and plays Rummy with friends; she also goes to the movies; in short, despite her age, she is very independent. She is my inspiration. Her tremendous energy is an example for all the women in my family. There’s many of us, all very cheerful and chatty”.

Is there a style tip you would like to give the girls who follow you? “I would tell them to always respect their personality, and never change”, she explains. “It’s true that fashion dictates trends, but if they don’t make you feel comfortable, you don’t have to follow them. I love masculine jackets and oversized sweaters. That’s why I rarely wear tight- fitting and hyper-feminine pieces. This is also true for Marks&Angels bags. They reflect my personality. They are minimal, without too many frills, because that’s my taste. Sometimes I add a little detail: a chain, studs, stars, but I could never focus, for example, on bows and sequins. They would not be consistent with my style”.

Is there a classic you could never give up? “The black, slightly oversized blazer for me is a true timeless piece. To be paired with a dress or jeans, pumps or ankle boots”.

Finally, what are your future goals? “I would like to bring Marks&Angels abroad”, she says. “In Italy, the brand is already well established, and we will continue to strengthen the online proposal. The next step is undoubtedly aiming at other countries”.

The collaboration with an international department store such a Rinascente, is a splendid and already successful start.

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