Vajiko Chachkhiani: the interview

15 . 04 . 2018
Vajiko Chachkhiani
From the 12th to the 22nd of April, Rinascente shop windows become an international museum of contemporary art: for Art Week and Design Week they will host two projects specially created by artist Vajiko Chachkhiani, born in Tbilisi, but based in Berlin. His works explore the existential questions of life and the culture of memory and passage. His allegories of everyday life are told with apparently familiar images, subtly interrupted by unexpected artistic incursions. We talked with him about the works created for Rinascente.

What is the installation about?
Under the midday sun, the project that is displayed in the shop windows, is an installation that represents a cotton picker, horse muscles and a tiger. All surrounded by trees and the wind, which slowly leads them to disappearance. To underline the transformations that nature, life brings”.

The other project is the ‘Cotton Candy’ movie.
“Yes. It is about the inner life of a grandmother who, while attending a show with her granddaughter, evokes her existence and experiences an interior conflict. The show symbolizes a rite of passage, it is an opportunity for a journey into her soul, from which she emerges transformed”.

What does exhibiting in a department store mean for an artist?
“This is a totally different world from  museums or art exhibitions, I’m not a big fan of shopping, but the idea of ‘redesigning shop windows’ caught my attention: I had already curated a project of this kind and I liked its format, it’s like being interconnected with a larger dimension, but at the same time it is an individual work”.

What is the message that you would like to convey with your art?
“I do not have a definitive message to express, I never thought I had one … With my works, more than anything else, I intend to communicate what I feel, the idea of  passage”.

What are your future plans?
“Many other exhibitions, in Berlin, in a museum, London, then Paris; I’m also working on a new film, the third part of a trilogy (the second is ‘Cotton Candy’): it’s called ‘Heavy Metal Honey'”.

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