Vajiko Chachkhiani arrives in Rinascente

10 . 04 . 2018

Rinascente and design, Rinascente and art. The history of the department store has always been linked to culture and the valorisation of talent. Two of the most important events in Milan, Miart and Design Week, scheduled from the 12th to 22nd of April, will see Rinascente shop windows becoming an international museum of contemporary art: they will host two projects specially created by artist Vajiko Chachkhiani – born in Tbilisi, Berlin-based  – for the occasion, Under the Midday Sun and Cotton Candy.

Vajiko Chachkhiani

Under the Midday Sun is an installation told in 8 prototypes, which redesign the windows overlooking Piazza Duomo. Each of them represents an unfinished sculpture of three subjects: a cotton picker, horse muscles and a tiger, surrounded by dry bushes, trees and above all by the wind, which modifies them, as time passes, and slowly brings them to disappearance. It is a reference to labour sacrifice: the cotton picker is always poorly paid. A mixture of history and modernity, also represented by the quality of sculpture: one part is the reconstruction of historical pieces, the other, of modern pieces. Vajiko Chachkhiani  also created Cotton Candy for Rinascente, which describes the inner conflict of a grandmother who, during a circus show attended with her niece, recollects her entire life. The inner dialogue which she faces for the first time generates a sort of personal conflict. The show represents a rite of passage, and when the cotton candy falls to the ground, the woman feels freed from what oppressed her. The music and background noise are the soundtrack that amplifies the strength of the audience experience.

 After the event, the two artistic projects by Vajiko Chachkhiani will be included in the collections of international contemporary art museums.
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