Art of Fragrance: A sensory journey

13 . 03 . 2019 by Redazione

Spaces designed by architecture and design talents, the fascination of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct, the view of Rome from above. The Rinascente flagship store in Via Del Tritone, in the heart of Rome, proposes throughout its eight floors the best in fashion, beauty, design and gourmet and, in the basement, a true archaeological site worth visiting. The ideal space for a dip among olfactory paths, journeys among fragrances, emotional consultations, top quality products and multisensory experiences. All this at Art of Fragrance, the first event dedicated to the world of the best fragrances, scheduled for March 23 and 24.

Acqua di Parma, with its Barbiere collection, will offer personalised advice on barber rituals: Rinascente customers will be able to relax and receive exclusive tips on grooming, skin care and shaving. Bulgari invites you to the “fragrances and colours” live performance: a floral designer will create personalised compositions for each one present. Chanel will take customers through an olfactory journey to (re) discover the Les Exclusifs line and the new 1957 fragrance, to trace the most significant moments in the history of the Maison. A skilled perfumer will guide customers through the journey: with the help of an Ipad, he will invite them to answer questions to find the fragrance that best suits them, understand if the fragrance is a gift, choose what they are looking for in a fragrance, from lightness to elegance, defining the notes and the level of intensity. Customers will also be able to try different essences.

Collistar will propose a sensory journey between taste and smell, by inviting Milanese master pastry chef Enrico Rizzi at its counter, who will interpret five precious fragrances, tying the soul of every essence to the intoxicating and astonishing taste of chocolate. Each client will begin a journey to discover the most suitable fragrance starting from a test that will involve the sight, continuing with the tasting of chocolates, and proceeding with the olfactory phase, the discovery of fragrances. Guerlain, Maison Parfumeur, will invite you to discover its fragrances through a personalised consultation, a unique sensory experience. At the Kiehl’s shop-in-shop nature and science will be at the service of the skin: customers will immediately be gifted with a skin consultation and a personalised sample kit. Experts will propose a sensory journey made of olfactory pathways among essential oils to discover the natural ingredients contained in the treatments. Mugler will invite you to the discovery of its different fragrances through the “Mystery Box”, which will play on both the sense of smell and touch. To combine the two experiences, branded goblets will be positioned near the mistery box with the fragrance essence, to envelop customers with a mix of sensations. The Sisley counter will exclusively turn into an enchanted rose garden and customers will be led to discover the magical olfactory world of Izia, the original women’s fragrance. To personalize your Dolce & Gabbana purchases, an artist will customise and hand draw the packaging. At Bulgari’s, customers will be able to choose the colours of the flowers that most represent them and an artist will create a sketch of their silhouettes: a way to tell the preciousness of the raw materials that Bulgari uses in the creation of its fragrances by tying them to the personality of those who will wear them. Jo Malone will bring you on a journey that involves all senses, sharing with customers the concept of fragrance building through the top, heart and base notes. Cartier experience will start from a blind testing of raw materials, to get to the customised advice on the fragrance. Lancôme will involve four senses: customers will be blindfolded with silk masks and they’ll wear a pair of wireless headphones to isolate themselves from the external environment. Wooden boxes divided into three compartments will contain the main element of the fragrance line (bark for the Wood notes, dried orange peel for the Citrus and finally rose petals for the floral): by touching the three elements, costumers will choose the one that feels better to the touch, and only then they will discover the fragrance. The Hermessence olfactory discovery will be guided by skilled staff.


Art of Fragrance will tell who and what is behind the creation of a fragrance. A fascinating and exclusive world, made of knowledge and attention, to enhance senses and give pleasure.

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