Sports in the summer: tips for training properly

05 . 07 . 2018 by Redazione

Summer, time to relax, to detach your mind and body from the daily routine. For routine, we mean work related emails on the smartphone, but not sports. One of the most frequent mistakes, in fact, is completely abandoning physical exercise, to then resume it in September, trying to recover muscle tone and lose the pounds accumulated on holiday. “Continuing to practice sports in the summer is certainly important to avoid a sudden decrease in basal metabolic rate (and therefore changes the ideal weight)”, explains Simone Torini, personal trainer and nutritional biology expert “Maintaining muscle tone, endurance and elasticity is fundamental, not only for a fit summer, but in order to encounter less problems in September, when, inevitably, you will resume your workout routine. Of course, you have to do sports with special precautions to avoid sudden changes in blood pressure, breathing problems and some of the most common mistakes”.

Considering the high temperatures, what is the best way to train? And at what time of the day? “A couple of times a week. If more, even better, not a bad habit. The best moment of the day is certainly early in the morning or in the evening just before/after dinner, when temperatures are lower. If you do activities at the pool or in the gym, obviously, you can train at other times without any particular problems”.

What are the recommended sports? Aquatics or nature related, where the environment is cooler: “I recommend swimming, running, water sports, like canoeing, surfing or water skiing and mountain biking, maybe in the woods or at the park”, continues Torini.

In terms of nutrition: what should we eat in the summer, in order not to feel bloated and facilitate sports? “Fresh food is certainly of primary importance. Fruit and vegetables galore, (preferably raw) juices and yoghurt. As a protein source, however, I advise you to focus on fish and lean meat. Certainly avoid particularly elaborate, fat or savory foods”.

What are the typical mistakes made during physical activity in the summer?: any advice to train properly during the hottest months of the year? “Body temperature is of primary importance. Therefore, as well as preferring fresh environments and cooler hours, you also need to use appropriate clothing. Going running wearing a K-Way or heavy clothes, thinking that sweating more, will make you lose more weight is absolutely ridiculous. Also, bringing fresh drinks, such as water or fruit juice, is certainly a good habit to constantly rehydrate the body. At the beach or environments that allow it, men can even go running bare chested. Everything depends on comfort: the body temperature must be right, you should not feel neither overly heated nor cold. Avoid strenuous activities, you will have the all winter for that. In this regard, for those who want to keep exercising without overdoing it, I suggest body & mind activities, such as stretching, yoga or pilates”.

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