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09 . 10 . 2018 by Redazione

October will be a month full of surprises for Michael Kors. The first is the re-opening of its shop-in-shop at Rinascente: a space that has been renewed and made even more beautiful to perfectly host the collections. Starting with the Autumn-Winter 2018-19, a collection that revisits the practical and urban-chic style of the American designer with particular attention to couture details, monochromatic prints and precious fabrics such as velvet and silk. But there is also a second surprise. A new precious and sparkling version of the famous Whitney Bag, part of the Holiday collection, exclusively released and sold at Rinascente. 

To celebrate the event, we decided to interview Michael Kors and talk about trends, style and the secrets of his success.

Michael Kors

You are a source of inspiration for all those who want to become fashion designers. What advice would you give to a young person who has just finished fashion design school and who wants to start working in the fashion industry? And what is the secret of your success?
“I think the most important thing for a young designer is to spend time in the shops and on the street. Before even thinking about creating a collection, designers should observe their customers and see what they are buying, what they’re not buying, where they are traveling to, and what do they do for a living. If you lock yourself in the studio, you might be making clothes that look beautiful but won’t get worn on the street.”

Social media have had a strong impact on the fashion world and on how to communicate a brand’s philosophy. What is  your approach to your company with all this? And what is your personal relationship with social media?
“Social media is an incredible way to be in touch with our customers globally. I’d never be able to have conversations with them so regularly otherwise. We can find out what they’re loving, not loving and what they want more of, so it’s incredibly helpful as we continue to reach more customers worldwide. I personally use social media to check and see what’s going on in the world. I also have fun looking at pictures of friends on fabulous vacations.”

How important is the role of the city you live in, New York, for the creation of your collections?
“For me, New York City is truly the fashion capital of the world. Whether it be on Park Avenue or downtown, the mix of style is amazing. There is a new look around every corner, down every block. It’s an endless source of inspiration. While my collections are often informed by my travels, at the core of my aesthetic are the kind of glam-luxe clothes that can work in the most urban-chic setting in the world, and that is New York without a doubt.”

What are the sources of inspiration for the latest MICHAEL Michael Kors Autumn collection?
“This season I was thinking about free-spirited femininity with a touch of bohemian glamour. Indulgent textures of velvet and faux fur are juxtaposed with delicate fabrics for a luxe mix in monochrome black and gray with moments of head-to-toe teal and feather motifs.”

What are the must-have of this season? The pieces that, according to Michael Kors, a woman must absolutely have in her wardrobe for Autumn 2018?
“You can never go wrong this season with a tiered velvet skirt, a pair of fabulous boots and a great-looking shoulder bag. You can also invest in something teal, or go for a full head-to-toe teal look if you’re feeling adventurous!”

Your Fall 2018 show was a declared tribute to individual style and many different types of women walked the runaway; and the same goes for the MICHAEL Michael Kors collection. Can you still trace an ideal picture of the woman who wears your brand today?
“Yes, the fact is that I’ve always designed for women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds. Today’s Michael Kors woman is moving faster than ever before, but other than that, it’s always been about confidence. She has a personal sense of style, she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. She is always on the move – juggling family, friends, work and life – all while looking chic.”

The Whitney Bag, presented for the first time last summer, has already become a must. What is the idea behind this bag? And what is the secret to creating the perfect day-bag?
“To me, the Whitney is the ideal 24/7, work-to-weekend bag that combines a sophisticated silhouette with on-the-go versatility. Handbags are a great way to add individuality to a look, and when I design my handbags, I put a lot of thought as to what women want. I think there is always something to be said for a bag that is stylish, functional and pulls your look together.”

“Whitney” Michael Kors at Rinascente
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