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The 2020 horoscope: Forecasts Love, Money&Career

12 . 12 . 2019
Sustainable Thinking: the green-thinking fashion exhibition

As the planets move in the heavens, the time has come to look to the stars to understand what 2020 has in store. Whilst some signs will be lucky in love, some will struggle in the workplace and others will face the coming months with new-found energy and strength.

Aries: A year of small storms

LOVE 2020 is the year Cupid’s arrow will hit your Aries heart head on. For those in a relationship, it will feel like your first date all over again. For those still in search of a soul mate, the horizon promises new encounters. The coming months will bring a healthy dose of tenderness.

WORK While love is coming up roses, work might present a bump in the road. The fog, however, will start to lift with the arrival of spring in May. Much energy will be required, but your efforts will be rewarded.

YOUR PLANETS Jupiter and Saturn.

Taurus: A year of winning

LOVE A bit of courage will reward those born under the sign of the bull. Have greater confidence in your abilities and do not stay anchored to the past. The year 2020 is set to usher in true love, but you’ll need to be tickled by passion and listen to your gut if your feelings are to bloom.

WORK Doors may open for professional and economic growth: play your cards right and calculate your moves like a chess-playing master. Should you not reach the light at the end of success’ tunnel in 2020, it’s highly likely that the pieces placed over the coming months will bear fruit in 2021. Continue to position them wisely.

YOUR PLANETS Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Venus.

Gemini: A year for the taking

LOVE Whilst 2019 was a year of ups and downs, 2020 will have you looking to the future with a heart full of hope. Crises of love will be no match for you, should you already be in a relationship. If you’re still single, you’ll finally come to understand what you want and, above all, have the chance to make it clear to others. There will be no shortage of intense moments.

WORK The year coming to a close has been anything but positive when it comes to finances, but rest assured: the coming year will off-set some of that bad luck. You’ll enjoy greater professional esteem, your efforts will be rewarded and you’ll see a clearer path forward to grow.

YOUR PLANETS Jupiter and Mercury.

Cancer: A year to set off running

LOVE For Cancers, 2020 will be about relationship spring-cleaning. You’ll want to cut some dead weight and invest in relationships that give you greater rewards. These new perspectives will bring you greater awareness of yourself and your needs, but will also put you face to face with some challenges.

WORK Your wants and hopes will be clearer in the workplace as well. Following a period of one too many obstacles, the path will finally be free and clear to pursue your goals. Your mind will be alert and reactive.

YOUR PLANETS Mars and Mercury.

Leo: A year of love

LOVE Leo is a passionate sign that spares nothing when it comes to romance. For you, 2020 is a year full of love, though there could be a catch—from stories of betrayal to people who are already taken. Don’t let instinct always lead the way. The energy that dominated your 2019 will not be the same.

WORK Change is in the air and you may want to ride the wave of novelty. Use the energy that has always set you apart to pinpoint your target.

YOUR PLANETS Uranus and Venus.

Virgo: A year in which courage rewards the bold

LOVE Don’t be afraid—cut the anchor of the past and set sail for new horizons. New encounters (and marriages) will be waiting for you. Listen to the feelings and desires that knock at your heart’s door.

WORK Due to the precision that sets you apart, and your attachment to routine, 2020 will not save you from money and work anxieties. Avoid letting yourself be overwhelmed and try to trust in change. Rely on the people around you who can help you with some good advice.

YOUR PLANETS Mercury, Neptune and the Moon.

Libra: A year on the starting blocks

LOVE Appreciate your habits, but infuse a much need breathe of fresh air into love in 2020. Break your routine, plan a trip and try surprising both yourself and the person next to you. His or her stubbornness could put you to the test. If you are single, carefully evaluate every encounter and take the time to analyse your situation.

WORK 2020 will be a year in which you’ll struggle to have energy to spend on work. You will likely be absorbed by other thoughts and risk neglecting it. Muster up all your diplomacy—your unquestionable strength—to handle small disagreements with bosses and colleagues.

YOUR PLANETS Mercury and the Moon.

Scorpio: A year of opposites that attract

LOVE 2020 is the year in which Scorpios will feel a strong, clear need for a major change. The passion will still be there, but attraction will draw you close to people who represent your polar opposite. Finding balance won’t be easy.

WORK Stop for a moment and breathe before making a decision in 2020. In the event of tense, difficult moments, it’s better not to react instinctively. Luck is on your side in any case and every effort will be repaid—both because you’ll expand your knowledge, and because you’ll learn to better manage your commitments.

YOUR PLANETS Jupiter and Saturn.

Sagittarius: A year in search of good vibes

LOVE Sagittarius, be prepared: it’s a year of big plans when it comes to love—and you’ll want to welcome them with open arms. There may be some changes in your relationship’s equilibrium, but conditions are right to avert a crisis.

WORK 2020 is full of positivity for Sagittarius, as well as new offers that will fill you with enthusiasm and a desire to experiment. Don’t rush into opportunities, but always consider them with a clear head. This could be the year you take a break from big projects and focus on your daily commitments.

YOUR PLANETS Jupiter, Mercury and the Moon.

Capricorn: A year in search of luck

LOVE The year isn’t starting under the best of omens for those born under the sign of Capricorn. With past disappointments weighing you down, you’ll have a tendency to not trust others or open yourself to new possibilities. For those who are single, love is hard to come by. For those in a relationship, some clouds are rolling in. However, there will be moments of serenity in which your feelings will take flight.

WORK At work, too, 2020 will prove to be a complicated year to manage. Whilst opportunities are hard to come by, it’s also true that you will not be in the best state to welcome them. Your ambitious spirit will inspire you to look for professional satisfaction even in 2020, which will bring you some surprises. The risk—as is often the case with you—is that you drain your energy.

YOUR PLANETS Pluto, Saturn and Venus.

Aquarius: A year of positive thinking

LOVE You will still find it difficult to be relaxed in love, even if there will be moments of emotional involvement and passion. Better control your jealousy if you want to manage your relationship more serenely.

WORK There is a bit of intolerance at your place of work, as you don’t feel sufficiently valued. This could lead you to re-evaluate your position and push you to choices that will revolutionise your life a little. You’ll be willing to do anything to spring forth from anonymity.

YOUR PLANETS Mars and Saturn.

Pisces: A year to arm thyself with patience

LOVE Pisces, arm yourself with patience. Beautiful things, like new love and encounters, will come if you really believe in them. Persevere and don’t be discouraged by the initial obstacles. Open yourself up to trust others, so love will flow spontaneously.

WORK Take advantage of the same optimism and energy for work, as well. The stars are preparing you for a path of professional growth and personal satisfaction, as you’ll be able to achieve what you’ve only been able to visualise up until now.

YOUR PLANETS Jupiter and Mars.

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