The horoscope, the encounters and the magic of summer

21 . 06 . 2018

For a summer 2018 in the name of encounters and magic, the astrological predictions by Daniela Nipoti have the right recipe. See what the next warm months have in store for you.


Summer will start on the right foot: a heated Venus in Leo will accompany you with its irresistible charm until July 9, making you ready as ever to jump into hot adventures under the parasol or on the snow of a glacier. Slow planets such as Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn will invite you to take the reins of your life with firmness and decision, although this may cost you a considerable effort and time commitment. Mars in Aquarius will provide for nearly all summer an excellent well-being, remarkable energy and will to fight and win. You will register increased muscle tone and a more positive relationship with sports. A pleasant Mercury in Leo, throughout the summer until September 5, will be ready to give you intellectual vivacity, alertness, new encounters to widen your social sphere and beautiful trips or vacations.

Stellar encounters: with Capricorn, at the bookstore or at a book presentation, with Taurus, on the beach for an aperitif, atop a skyscraper with Sagittarius, at a vernissage with Libra, at the post office with Gemini.

The magic of summer: walk on the beach until you find a rock, shell, piece of wood from the sea. Hold it in your hand. Visualise the wish you would like to carry out, standing, hold it in front of the sea. Wait until eight waves break, focus, and at the ninth wave throw the object into the sea, together with your thought, firmly.


It will not be a relaxing summer, but you’ll benefit from the favours of the slow planets. Lucky stars will ensure that any unforeseen event disappears like snow in the sun and only valid results, destined to last over time, remain. Be prepared for the bright influence of Venus in Virgo, from July 10 to August 5: no prey could escape, and you will be at the top of your charm, attractive and seductive as a juicy fruit or a chilled cocktail. However, watch the obnoxious Mars in opposition until August 12: moments of fatigue, nervousness, verbal arguments to which Mercury in Leo adds, teasing you for almost all summer, causing misunderstandings, troubles, various distractions. Do not run unnecessary risks by doing sports or driving. Jupiter advises caution with money and economic investments, but also to limit holiday spending.

Stellar encounters: At the flea market with Cancer to buy and enjoy some delicacy, at the discount store or suk with Virgo to bargain together the price of a souvenir, in the savannah with Leo.

The magic of summer: take a cord of natural fiber and display your need with determination, bring to mind as many emotions as possible and then make a nice knot in the string. Pull the ends of the cord well so that the magical energy can free itself and hold the knot with you until your need is satisfied. Then subterrange it, burn it or throw it into the water.


There is on the horizon a sparkling and lively summer, just like you like it. To provide you with excellent support will be Mercury in Leo all summer long, obnoxious but skilled in giving you great mental alertness, clarity, fun trips, new cultural interests and nice friends. In addition to that, until mid-July, then in August to September 9, Venus propitious will bring her gifts of wellbeing, confidence in yourself and your seductive abilities, but also serene holidays, full of good food and relaxation. If you are looking for a new partner, you’ll pull off your best weapons to catch it on the fly. A great Mars in Aquarius until the beginning of August will make you energetic and resourceful, ready to easily overcome any obstacle, or to jump successfully into the practice of a new sport.

Stellar encounters: with Leo, Libra and Aquarius at the trendiest summer holiday parties by the sea, with Pisces on a cruise in the Mediterranean or Caribbean Sea, with Virgo, during a difficult trekking on the highest peaks.

The magic of summer: Visualise and concentrate on a desire while holding a handful of rice in your hand. Throw it with force behind you at the sea, lake or river and you’ll soon see your desire come true.


A pleasant, serene summer is just around the corner, although slow planets in Capricorn will invite you to linger and reflect on future developments. Jupiter, Lord of Fortune, and Neptune, planet of creativity, will continue to protect you, giving you a long period full of relaxation, peace and economic stability. Radical changes will be favoured. Fitness will be excellent until July 22 and you will feel more active and dynamic than ever: you will finally erase from your life moments of laziness and inactivity, gaining a remarkable sense of well-being. The month of July will be romantic and very sweet in the affective field thanks to Venus in Virgo: there will be bold, new conquests or serene moments with your partner or family. From September 6, Mercury will promote travels, social gatherings and good ideas to be carried out quickly.

Stellar encounters: with Aries, canoeing on a placid lake or along the current of a stream, with Libra, at an art exhibit or in a pastry shop, with Capricorn or Cancer, in a magnificent archaeological site.

The magic of summer: cut an apple into halves and eat it with the person of the heart, it will help rekindle the love and keep it unchanged over time. With a sharp knife, carve into the skin of a red apple an image of your desire. Remove the pulp under the symbol then eat the apple to the core. Keep the seeds, plant them in later to obtain what you wish for.


The summer will start pleasantly thanks to Mercury in transit in the sign, perfect for intellectual vitality, alertness and new encounters to broaden the social sphere. Great for travel and holidays with friends, also last minute. A fiery Venus will be with you until July 10, and will smile from Libra in August: you will live unforgettable moments in love with your long-term partner or you will successfully engage in new, tantalizing adventures. Your charm will have no rivals and you will be absolutely irresistible. Jupiter in Scorpio will turn its back: it will be small or large expenses to disturb your summer budget and make it look like a colander. You cannot just afford excessive expenses: take it easy. Until August 13, Mars in Aquarius will invite you to restrain impulsive outbursts: You might make mistakes or break important bonds over unimportant issues.

Stellar encounters: with Sagittarius at the horse race track, with Scorpio at a murder mystery dinner party or a cruise down the Nile or the Danube, with Taurus, enjoying fresh fish in a candlelit restaurant by the sea.

The magic of summer: If you find a copper coin, at the beach or in the woods, put it in your wallet, it will help you with money. Alternatively, to attract money, boil three handfuls of basil flowers in 2 cups of water for three minutes, then turn off the heat and let it brew for fifteen minutes. Filter and drink it.


During the summer, you will enjoy an excellent health and a great sense of well-being if you indulge in a few days at a Spa, enjoying a hay bath or warm thermal bath, but especially relaxing more. Eat healthy and natural foods. Treat yourself to some small extra expense, perhaps completely useless, but that puts you in a good mood. Jupiter will smile from Scorpio and will protect you economically bringing luck. A bright and intriguing sky for those who already are in a love story and for those seeking one: with the help of Venus in Virgo, from July 10 to August 5, you’re going to ban any uncertainty or modesty and will launch yourselves into the most amazing romances. September will provide you with new and brilliant ideas, thanks to which you will get positive results in any field. Excellent period for business or social gatherings, where you’ll be shining thanks to your sense of humor and witty jokes.

Stellar encounters: with Gemini, during a game of tennis or beach volley, with Sagittarius, during a ride by the sea, with Capricorn, in a garden center to do something fun and practical together.

The magic of the summer: if you are looking for love, immerse yourself at night in the sea, thinking of removing all negativity, of letting all suffering slip away. Get out of the water, dry, then find a sheltered place to light three white candles. Think intensely, focusing on the flame, that now you are a new person, charming and ready to start an important story.


With a favourable Mars in Aquarius, you’ll be resourceful and passionate, you will give your conquests a bolder and more captivating tone, you will easily socialise and confidently catch the preys that most intrigue you. Practice sports, with friends or in a team. The ideal time for your performances will be from August 5 onwards, with Venus brightening your charm and making you irresistible at any time of the day. After sunset, you will shine in all your light. Fun travels will characterise all summer: Mercury propitious in the sign of Leo will make you fizzy like a glass of champagne, curious about everything and available to meet new people. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn will push you to make important and tiresome choices: with wisdom and common sense, you will solve every issue.

Stellar encounters: with Sagittarius, in an oasis in the desert or at a paragliding event, with Gemini, at a book presentation or writer meeting, at a vintage car or motorcycle gathering with Aries.

The magic of summer: to make a wish, open a nut in two and eat the kernels and think about what you want. Write it on a green piece of paper with a golden felt-tip and put it in the empty shell, together with pieces of copper. Close the walnut, knot a golden ribbon around it and keep it until the wish is fulfilled.


Summer will be a bit nervous and full of unexpected situations with Mercury in Leo and Mars in Aquarius mischievous that will turn their backs and force you to solve some issues, but luck will always be by your side. A series of glitches and minor annoyances will alleviate your good mood and you will need to add patience and tolerance to your everyday actions. Avoid taking risks in the practice of sport or while driving. Thanks to the luminous presence of Jupiter, planet of luck, in your sign, every cloud will fade quickly and there may be advances in career, even with sharp turns and positive changes, or new romantic encounters when you least expect it. The most favorable period for love will be from July 10 to August 5, when your charm will shine at its best and preys will fall at your feet like leaves in autumn.

Stellar encounters: with Taurus and Leo, during a barbecue with friends in the country or by the sea, on a treasure hunt by the lake with Gemini, at a classical music concert on the waterfront with Aquarius or Pisces.

The magic of summer: you wish to move away from you tensions at work or moments of anger? Write them down on a piece of paper, roll it and burn it with the flame of a white candle or bury or shred it into pieces and toss it overboard with all your strength.


Exploit the great influence of the planets that in early July will give you energy, charm and fantastic ideas to be quickly carried out. Mercury, Venus and Mars will align to make you bright, attractive and full of determination. August will be a wonderful month to get some extra cuddle in love, to enjoy a renewed and physical wellbeing, but also to see your merits recognised at last. Mars in Aquarius will see you in great shape, resourceful as ever and ready to practice sports and initiate new winning enterprises. Mercury will smile and wink throughout the summer: fun trips and new experiences will be on the agenda. It will make you more amiable and willing to meet new people, curious about everything, but also able to widen more and more your mental and spiritual horizons.

Stellar encounters: with Pisces, at the North Pole or Antarctica to hunt for new emotions, with Virgo, along Route 66 to discover the U.S. coast to coast, with Taurus or Cancer, in a quiet bed and breakfast in the hills, for relaxation.

The magic of summer: pack a piece of chalcedony which will help you when travelling and keep away contingencies and disasters. If you want to forget a love sorrow, keep a piece of Rose Quartz with you or place it under the pillow. If you want to protect yourselves from negativity, carry a piece of Coral or Turquoise.


A period of important and constructive choices for many of you, then you will enjoy excellent astral combinations on which you could count throughout the summer. Treat yourself to a few days at a Spa or in close contact with nature to recover energy and well-being. Expect moments of laziness and tiredness in July, while the rest of the summer will see you in great shape and you will feel divinely. It will be a quiet summer, with fundamental choices for your future. Good news arriving this September, when Mercury will direct the attention on work, but also on organising some nice trips or weekends with friends. You will fully enjoy a serene and stimulating moment in love with Venus in Virgo, from July 10 to August 5, when you will feel at peace with yourselves, your family or your long-term partner. If you are single instead and in search for new adventures, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Stellar encounters: at the work place even in summer with Virgio or Leo, in the mountains admiring pastures and peaks with Libra, in a chalet during a tasty dinner with Taurus or Cancer.

The magic of summer: If you want to attract money, write with a green marker on a piece of paper €1 €10 €100 €1000. Fold the piece of paper until it becomes smaller and smaller as you repeat these words eight times: “Money! Money! Money! Come to me as I say three times three! Money, luck and fortune as an immense and fecund gather!”. Keep this piece of paper for eight days in your wallet.


Summer will be nice and lively: moments of fatigue and distraction will be compensated by grit promoted by Mars in the sign. Play your cards in the economic sphere cautiously and there will be no surprises whatsoever. On vacation, however, treat yourselves. Mars will give you an excellent physical shape throughout the summer: be careful though not to overdo it, especially if you practice extreme or risky sports. You’ll make your body toned and agile and you will feel satisfied. Indulge in something you love without feeling guilty if you spend a little more, maybe a nice trip abroad to discover new habits and customs. There will be unexpected events during travels or some discussion with Mercury unfavourable, but you’ll get by very well thanks to your diplomatic and mediation skills.

Stellar encounters: by the pool or at the Spa with Aries, under a yurt during an amazing journey with Sagittarius or Virgo, on the Orient Express with Cancer or Capricorn, at a wine tasting with Libra.

The magic of summer: collect shells on the beach then, by standing on the shore, watch the waves. Soon after seeing a longer one, after the seventh or ninth wave, put your shells on the sand to form an image that relates to your desire or draw the letters that compose it. When the shells are dragged into the sea, your wish will be quickly fulfilled.


Your summer will start slowly, but supported by fine slow planets which are preparing a successful, bright and rewarding future. Fitness will be in swift recovery if you are able to maintain a good level of energy and not get tired especially in July, up to the 22nd. Health will be great thanks to specific treatments: regenerating thermal water, massages, thalassotherapy will be your winning weapons. With Jupiter in the friendly sign of Scorpio, you could count on a greater disposable income allowing some extra expenditure, fun evenings or holidays without having to be cautious. Between July 10 and early August, try to keep your reactions in the sentimental field under control and not to whine to much: your sky will return to be clear shortly. In September, your love life will be dotted with new opportunities or sweet reconciliations.

Stellar encounters: with Cancer, at a Spa to take advantage of the benefits of water, mud and relaxation, in a dark cave with Scorpio hunting for mysteries of the past, in a dance club on the Adriatic riviera with Leo.

The magic of summer: for the serenity and the inner harmony, take a bath in the sea or in a lake on a new moon night, then dry yourself and pass on the whole body a piece of rose quartz, displaying its soft light that melts the tensions and eliminates every rigidity, every wound of the past. You will immediately feel better.

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