How to Pack for a Weekend Trip
Festive dress code: How to dress for Christmas parties

What to Wear to a Daytime or Evening Wedding

09 . 11 . 2019 by Redazione
How to Pack for a Weekend Trip
Festive dress code: How to dress for Christmas parties

There is one rule above all others, to make sure you don’t make a mistake with a wedding outfit: read the invitation very carefully. The time and location of the ceremony are always clearly stated: both of these pieces of information will be very helpful in creating your look, down to the smallest details. Dressing well for a wedding means creating the perfect combination of design, whether long or short, colour, for which it is better to stick with pastel shades rather than bolder tones, and matching it with accessories, from a clutch to jewellery. Depending on the time of the celebration of the wedding, dresses of different lengths come into play. For a morning wedding, a knee-length dress is preferable, an afternoon wedding favours a long dress, while the evening leaves the door open to more casual options.

What to Wear to a Morning Wedding: the Short Outfit

For a wedding taking place in the morning or at lunchtime, direct your attention towards a sack dress. If you choose a sleeveless number, you should plan to take either a shrug or a large wrap among your accessories, to cover your arms. This is a useful trick, especially if the ceremony will be in a church. As for colours, ideally you should stay within a pastel colour palette: pink, turquoise, lilac or beige.

What to Wear to an Afternoon Wedding: the Long Outfit

Whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter, afternoon weddings open the wardrobe doors to lighter and softer looks. We move from dresses that are more rigid in their cut to long, floatier numbers. For fabrics, crêpe, chiffon, silk and velvet get the official green light, and we switch from pale colours to floral patterns, especially in the warmer months.

What to Wear to an Evening Wedding: Go for Bolder Colours

While daytime weddings have stricter rules in the choice of design and length, an evening wedding plays it a little cooler, and you can be more carefree with short, cocktail or long dresses. In any case, paler shades can be replaced with stronger, bolder colours.

How to Dress for a Wedding: the Accessories

A one-tone dress is very often the simplest choice for a wedding outfit. While on one hand it might seem the simplest option, on the other you can manage it like a canvas to be embellished with the right accessories. There are three in particular to focus your attentions on: a bag, jewellery and hair accessories. Always work on a combination of contrasts, whether in colour, material or shape.

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