Victoria Beckham’s Beauty Secrets

10 . 06 . 2018 by Redazione

Victoria Beckham, Posh Spice, David’s wife, is now an international renowned fashion icon, designer and trendsetter. A layered hairstyle, perfect smokey eyes, slightly amber skin, slim physique: details of a woman who always pays attention to style, order and charm. To provide beauty tips is Victoria herself on her Instagram profile, ready to share with followers the secrets for being so beautiful, ethereal, fascinating… Her routine starts with a cream, Morning Aura, that she developed in partnership with Estée Lauder: a way to bring light to cheekbones before enhancing the eyes with a stratified layer of mascara that give a faux eyelash impression. She then applies Skin Perfectin Powder with light strokes, to minimize blemishes and soften translucent textures. On the lips, finally, Aura gloss in a nude like honey shade. For a luminous and smooth effect.

But Victoria Beckham gives many other tips through the tutorials she posts on her very popular Instagram profile (over 20 million followers). For example, on how to delicately apply the bronzer so that the shades become amber, as if you had just kissed by the sun. Or the silver infusion mask that soothes the skin, eliminates impurities and prepares the face to a series of refined products, to be more glamorous than ever. The magic word seems to be contouring: a mixture to be applied with a brush and destined for a bright complexion, yes, but also tanned and sun kissed, a clever mix between light and dark. A smooth and soft skin perfectly framed by a simple haircut, often gathered in a low ponytail to accentuate cheekbones and the oval shape of the face. Hair cuddled with a Latisse shampoo, in a fresh and velvety fragrance.

Victoria confides to followers to have had, as a young woman, a sensitive scalp that stimulatrd her to take better care of her appearance through a passion for the beauty world and a signature make-up created in partnership with Estée Lauder.

Be careful, though, not to snob the most basic products: Beckham herself, in fact, reveals that Bioderma make up remover wipes are the best, practical and cheap; that detergents, preferably by Sarah Chapman and Dr. Lancer, must be interchanged frequently; that nude nail polish fits any occasion and that the best kajal is Black Saffron, an excellent solution for an intense, piercing, unforgettable look.

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