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31 . 08 . 2018 by Redazione
Gigi Hadid
Flowing hair, feline look and voluptuous lips. These are the peculiarities that make Gigi Hadid a timeless icon, a young woman with an irresistible charm. Requested by designers around the world, Gigi conquers for the simplicity of her look,  radiant smile and simple make-up, easily replicable with some tricks. Few and elementary beauty rules: the sinuous contour that perfectly defines the features of her face; the tinted primer that gives her a lighter and more uniform complexion, and a light eyeliner that does not weigh down her languid gaze.
The darker tone of the body contrasts with a brighter face thanks to a foundation mixed with a moisturizing cream, ideal for spreading the product in a homogeneous, delicate way. The colours are generally soft, with a nude effect. However, even Gigi chooses to dare sometimes and she does so by wearing red lipstick with metallic shades or vibrant orange nuances. The skin is luminous and the focus is all in the details. Eyes should not be caged in a double-line eyeliner: a thinner line that does not exaggerate with length concealing the natural shape of the eyes would be the ideal choice. Gigi looks to the past, to the nineties, to supermodels like Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista and mascaras with intense but not invasive tones.

Nevertheless, during the years Gigi definitely managed to surprise. The purple, green, blue and silver eyeshadows granted her the definition of “mermaid eyes”, a sexy and captivating look. As well as the metallic and white tones from the inner outer part of the eye like during the latest Tommy Hilfiger catwalk. These are, however, exceptions: experimentation are great, but the model’s favourite tones remain sober, linked to the earth, dove and brown. Soft and subtle nuances for the nail polish, which moves on the “greige” range.

Particular attention needs to be given to her hair: long, sinuous, almost always worn down. Gigi mostly prefers it straight, but also wavy: small curls that fall on the shoulders in a natural, almost wild way. But also a braid (carried on one side, better if the right one) and ponytail. Very rare, however, the bun, loved by her sister Bella Hadid.

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