Focus on Delpozo

12 . 02 . 2017 by Redazione

It was 1974 when Jesus del Pozo founded the fashion house that was immediately celebrated for its creativity and craftsmanship.

The Spanish fashion designer always tried to support the artistic tradition of the fashion industry and in 2003 he even created a foundation to promote educational initiatives for young talents.

When he died in 2011, the Perfumes & Diseño Group bought the fashion house with the idea to preserve its heritage and relaunched it under the name Delpozo.

The current Creative Director, Josep Font, has been leading the brand since 2012. The fashion designer trained as an architect, a trait that is clearly visible in his creations.

Today, Delpozo still uses its traditional craftsmanship, combined with a renewed, modern sensibility. The brand’s style is characterised by the amalgamation of contrasting elements: traditional and modern, natural and architectural, sumptuous and essential come together in the name of creativity. The key-feature of the garments is a precious and refined embroidery, but above all the innovative approach that Font has towards volumes and silhouettes.

Also for Spring-Summer 2017, Delpozo remained true to his style, proposing architectural pieces, precious fabrics and rigid silhouettes, focusing on impressive appliqués and deep nuances.

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