What to Wear to a Daytime or Evening Wedding
A Christmas 2019 gift guide, inspired by passions

Festive dress code: How to dress for Christmas parties

21 . 11 . 2019
What to Wear to a Daytime or Evening Wedding
A Christmas 2019 gift guide, inspired by passions

Christmas parties always pose that challenging dilemma: How do you dress up in a way that is in keeping with the festive spirit while respecting the dress code of your event? Start from the type of evening event you’re attending. Get-togethers with friends, colleagues and family will make their way into your diary. Start selecting highly festive outfits straight away and be inspired by the colours that dominate during Christmas (namely red and gold) so that you’re not caught unprepared.

Shirt Victoria Beckham – Pump Balenciaga – Pants Anouki
Christmas parties with friends – highly casual yet trendy

A bit of sparkle is always a winner when it comes to Christmas parties, but when you’re with friends, you may want to opt for a more casual look that plays around with seasonal trends. If you’d rather ditch glitter and overly sophisticated dresses altogether, set your sights on a floaty shirt and leather trouser combo. Strictly red! And footwear? Opt for a pair of court shoes with bow. With these, you’ll never look OTT under the Christmas tree.

Dress Pennyblack - Shoes Carmens – Pochette Miu Miu
Christmas parties with colleagues – shine like a star, but with a rock edge

Parties with colleagues are the most formal in your diary. The perfect outfit requires clever balance. Don’t go for something too sporty, don’t opt for something too elegant either, because it’s still a party where you’re going to have fun, joke and bridge gaps from the workplace. Try a long dress with golden lamé threads to capture the festive spirit and dial it down a notch with a pair of rock-style combat boots. Take a clutch as a strategic accessory that will give your outfit the perfect finish and make the underlying details of your dress stand out.

Knitwear Philosophy – Denim Calvin Klein – Sneaker Adidas
Christmas parties with family – never pass on that chic Christmas Jumper

When you’re with your family, there should be that fun unwritten rule when it comes to your Christmas outfit. Just for one day you forget about your waistline and dresses that make your waist the focal point. Tradition dictates that a Christmas Jumper is a must. If, however, you’re not sure about an ugly jumpers, try a version that’s more chic. Choose a red one with Merry Christmas written on it and you won’t go wrong. Wear it with jeans and trainers, because if you can’t be relaxed with your loved ones, who can you relax with?

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