Festive dress code: How to dress for Christmas parties
The British touch takes over men’s FW 2019 2020 fashion

A Christmas 2019 gift guide, inspired by passions

25 . 11 . 2019
Festive dress code: How to dress for Christmas parties
The British touch takes over men’s FW 2019 2020 fashion

The time of year when everything is focused around giving is here: the only one, big responsibility is to tick off the Christmas gift list by hitting the target for every recipient. For 2019, think about gifts from a perspective that makes everyone happy: both you, who will be satisfied with your carefully considered choices, and your nearest and dearest, who will combine the useful with the delightful. How? Monitor their passions and identify the object of their desires based on their interests. Are they fond of sparkling wines or champagne? Tickle their taste buds. Are they unable to resist the latest technology? Respond by tuning into their rhythm.
We’ve compiled a list of ideas that will see you emerge victorious from the hunt for (perfect) Christmas gifts.

The home assistant for tech-lovers

When tech and the Internet of Things combine, items such as Google Home are made, fuelling the passion of lovers of technology and design. The Google home assistant is Santa’s little helper with voice command. It’s useful for managing the control of their smart home, but also for playing music, keeping up with the latest news and drawing up their to-do list.

A beautiful cuddle, for those who love cosmetics

Among your loved ones, whether friends or relatives, there are those who love to dive into the world of beauty. For the, there is always a good opportunity to pile the dressing table high with new make-up, skincare or beard care products. This is the area to explore to find gifts that enhance their beauty routine.
Aesop is an Australian brand offering formulations for skincare, haircare and body care. With meticulous attention to detail and a minimal taste for packaging, their gift kits are designed with specific recipients in mind: The Humorist, The Melodist, The Orator. VeraLab, the brand created by L’Estetista Cinica (the Cynical Esthetician) Cristina Fogazzi, has always made irony its defining feature. In its beauty laboratory you’ll find fragrances, highlighters, serums and hydrating oils.

Necklaces and bracelets, for those who love jewellery

Anyone with a passion for jewelry doesn’t make a big secret of it. They usually like to shine on every occasion, focusing on their precious accessories, whether it’s a necklace, earrings or a unisex watch. Your mission for Christmas is to expand their collection and give them a little reminder of you. Jewelry has the advantage of transcending time and fashion unharmed. The pieces from Atelier VM are enveloped in an aura of poetry, and their gemstones, metals and shapes appear to come from an alchemist’s laboratory using ancient formulas. Maria Tash is a leading brand loved by many Hollywood stars, from Blake Lively to Charlize Theron. Its jewelry has strong shapes and unexpected inspirations, like the lightning-shaped earrings or crown rings.

Glasses and down jackets for mountain-lovers

The season helps you with mountain-themed gifts. For those passionate about ski slopes, accessories are always well-received, from sunglasses, like a pair of Oakley shades, to an array of down jackets. For jackets, you can choose between brands playing with different feels: the more classic Rossignol style, a brand specialised in sportswear, or the more urban Jet Set version, offering pieces in metallic colours to enjoy the mountains with more streetwear vibes.

MooRER - Stone Island
Fashion, for those who love enhancing their wardrobe

For some of us, Christmas is the perfect time to add new pieces from the season’s trends to their wardrobe. It’s an opportunity to get some great classics, including clothes and accessories, with which you can never go wrong. Stone Island is an iconic men’s brand for those who love sportswear. MooRER is a 100% Made in Italy brand perfect for those with an eye for the quality of the thread and material of their outerwear.

A gift of bubbly, for those who love food and drink

People who enjoy experimenting with food and drink always have their taste buds on high alert. They love trying new, unusual and refined flavours, and finding the right match with a bottle of sparkling wine. Have fun tickling their palate with style and with a gift on the notes of Moët & Chandon, one of the most famous champagne producers in the world.

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