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09 . 02 . 2018 by Redazione

Beautiful, blonde, successful Italian blogger and now pregnant with her first child who, despite not being born yet, is already a web star.

We are talking about, of course, Chiara Ferragni aka The Blonde Salad, former Diavoletta87, the thirty-year-old with 11.2 million followers and more than a 30 million annual turnover. Since December, she also assumed the role of CEO of her company taking the place of Riccardo Pozzoli. Her fashion blog, born about ten years ago, has now become a multimillion-euro  company that follows the life of the world’s most powerful fashion influencer – as Forbes defined her – she advertises and sells the Chiara Ferragni Collection, her clothing line and manages collaborations with the most famous brands in the world. A phenomenon that started with a passion for fashion and became a  subject also studied at the prestigious faculty of Harvard.

And if 2017 was a crazy year for Chiara, 2018 will be even better. After Fedez live wedding proposal at the Verona Arena during one of his concerts, the two will become parents of Leone next spring and apparently will get married in August of the same year. But what will Chiara wear? Which designer will she choose for her dress? How many looks will she show off that day? Mysteries that for now remain unresolved, but one thing is certain: the main style of the influencer has evolved considerably over the years and will reserve us some surprises.

Un post condiviso da Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni) in data:

From well-dressed young girl, Chiara  underwent a decidedly trendier and less formal makeover. Her favourite looks? An alternation of street style, sporty and very colorful clothes for the day, combined with expensive Hermès or Chanel it-bags, while for gala evenings, couture dresses rule. Dior, Chanel, Versace, Gucci but also Alberta Ferretti, which Chiara wore for her debut as CEO of the company. A very elegant and classy, very managerial tuxedo. Maybe to stay on topic?

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