A Christmas 2019 gift guide, inspired by passions
Urban Utility, the men's urban jungle FW 2019-20 trend

The British touch takes over men’s FW 2019 2020 fashion

27 . 11 . 2019
A Christmas 2019 gift guide, inspired by passions
Urban Utility, the men's urban jungle FW 2019-20 trend

The Fall Winter 2019 2020 trends look across the Channel and centre this season’s men’s looks around that British touch. The English style, complete with great classics, gives direction to fabrics, prints and cuts. Tweed, the quintessential Scottish fabric, tartan, both traditional and grunge, and houndstooth, the black and white print that has always been synonymous with refined elegance, are all making a comeback. The sartorial cuts of the suits, blazers, jackets and jumpers are the leitmotif that creates the perfect gentleman look, whilst the contemporary vision and fresh interpretations look for elegance and practical clothes.

British pieces

FW 2019 2020 is the year of the coat, jacket and elegant suit, all in keeping with classic rules. This season is reclaiming cuts from the past, but deconstructing them to make softer, more casual pieces. The focus is a nonchalant elegance that plays with sartorial elements and bold colours. Fashion becomes rock, as seen on Celine catwalk, with suits revolving around classic combinations, trousers, shirts, blazers and slim bow ties. The suit stays elegant, but lends itself to practical needs.

British fabrics

The stylists of this season’s collections have relied on tradition when selecting pieces, both as an iconic reference and the epitome of elegance. The fabrics have been dug out from the past, but reinterpreted with a contemporary eye through unexpected combinations, metallic colourways and shades, like orange, that have traditionally belonged to other styles. Tweed and bouclé, originally associated with sportswear and casual wear, are used to embellish blazers and jackets in a deluxe interpretation. The same style rule is applied to knitwear which wagers everything on the yarn quality. Tweed becomes elegant, frayed bouclé works ideally on coats and the classic-cut trench, jumpers become sophisticated garments.

British prints

This season is the triumph of the tartan print, that’s existed in thousands of ways, from the ones rooted in tradition, to those belonging to the underground and grunge worlds. The catwalks revisit check and houndstooth prints, with a mix and match of patterns from flowers, animalier effects and chequered patchwork.

British accessories

While “British” is synonymous with minimal for clothes, cuts and combinations, where accessories are concerned, the Anglo-Saxon touch is expressed above all through shoes. Among this season’s shoes is the noticeable return to the Oxford style, proving to be versatile for both elegant suits and sporty ensembles. The alternative? Combat boots and ankle boots in an array of variations, from those with elasticated sides to the ones with a central zip, to the black&white loafers.

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