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The latest sun creams

19 . 06 . 2018 by Redazione
Bronze Oil Face Body Hair - Dior

It’s time to leave, to reach sunny beaches and relax. But beware: make sure you take all due precautions before exposing your skin to the sun. How can you get amber skin without damaging it? Researches introduce new products every year. There are many sun creams designed specifically to protect the skin and stimulate the melanin.

Like the Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen SPF50, specific for sensitive skin, a balanced mix of protective powder and breathable silicone that reduces the absorption of UVA and the risks of skin aging. Or the Australian Gold Advanced Dark Bronzer, extraordinary for its moisturizing formula and especially formulated for men’skin. Safe and effective for a perfect tan is also Collistar Special Perfect Tan – Noutishing Tanning Mousse, a highly absorbent ointment that immediately releases a soft and nourishing feel protecting the skin from sunburns.

There is also Shiseido Lait Protecteur Plus, a very high protection, water resistant sun milk; or Coola Tropical Coconut, a delicately tropical coconut fragranced broad protection spray, made of 70% organic ingredients as cucumber, strawberry extracts and raspberry seed oil; the Tan Prolonging Body Lotion by Institut Esthederm, is a particularly effective milk for skin damaged by long exposure to the sun and designed to prevent sunburn; and the Bronze Repair Face Care by Institut Esthederm, a delicate velvety cream that triggers the natural process of pigmentation, preventing photo-aging and firming the skin.

La Prairie Switzerland UV Protection Veil is particularly effective
against the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays and environmental agents; it is a natural moisturizer that gives an immediate soothing feeling. On the other hand, Lancaster Sun Delicate Conforting Cream gives the skin superior protection and a luminous and delicate tan, while reducing redness and shielding from infrareds. Same principle for La Mer Reparative Body Sun Lotion, a lotion that nourishes tissues deeply, is quickly absorbed and guarantees freshness. Finally, there are the Collistar Moisturizing After Sun Mousse, rich in nutrients and active ingredients such as shea butter and hyaluronic acid, and the two products offered by Dior: After-Sun Bronze and the Bronze Protective Oil Face, Body & Hair, both specific for photo-induced ageing, in a light texture and easy to apply.

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