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Spring workout

09 . 04 . 2018 by Redazione

Spring has finally arrived. Nature is awakening, we are feeling more energetic and we want to abandon our hibernation mode. To welcome summer and be bikini-ready, start now: but what should you do? Here are some tips from our expert Simone Torini, personal trainer and nutritionist. To feel refreshed and beautiful.

“After the winter blues, the best and probably more effective way to get back in shape, even if you don’t go the gym, is walking and jogging outdoors”, he says. “For those who have the possibility, also walking or running in the mountains or on hillsides: running uphill and downhill can significantly support a fast metabolism”.

What about those who have little time to dedicate to exercising? “They can comfortably exercise at home, or go to the gym and opt for group classes or muscle strength training. If you get the chance, attend the classes or go jogging with friends: in addition to burning calories, you’ll facilitate socialisation and fun, feeling less fatigued”.

Just remember that to get back in shape you also need a healthy diet. Fruits, vegetables and lean proteins are fundamental, to be integrated gradually into the diet, reducing the load of carbohydrates and lipids before summer. “This will decrease your caloric intake, becoming a good strategy to lose the excess weight accumulated over the winter”, said Torini.

What are some simple exercises to start with? “Start with jogging or cycling and combine these activities with aerobic exercises that don’t require any equipment: for example, pushups, squats, ABS and spot jumping can be a great workout routine, to be done two or three times a week, to begin burning calories”.

Top 3 fitness apps

If you just can’t get motivated, hire a personal trainer … a virtual one: download these 3 apps on your smartphone and no more excuses!

First we recommend Sweat with Kayla. Kayla Itsines, Australian fitness guru, designed this program especially for women to be carried out in 12 weeks. Functional training paired with a healthy and balanced diet, exclusively studied based on the individual’s diet type. The first week is free, from the second onwards it is 4.60 euro a week.

There’s then Freeletics, an app that offers free workout programs, with explanatory videos, ideal for those who already have a training path. If you don’t know where to start, you can hire a coach for around 3 euro a week, depending on the package chosen.

Finally, for those who need a super strong motivation to get off the couch, we suggest Pact, an app that allows you to set fitness goals and the program to reach them: if you accomplish them, the app will refund you; If you don’t commit yourself enough, you will have to pay for the app.

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