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Kids, ready for the snow?

28 . 12 . 2018 by Redazione

“Snow that swirls up and envelops things of a tacit mantle. Snow that falls from above and we cover, cover us again, endlessly…“. The first verses of the poem by Umberto Saba almost appear to be a nursery rhyme or the secret desire of a child added to the letter for Father Christmas. Snow is a charming experience, to be fully lived, watched and enjoyed. To run out in the midst of the storm with the sled or simply play in the backyard and build a snowman, you need the right equipment, starting from clothing.

Warm, technical, waterproof is Stone Island total look, that will keep you warm and dry. The colours? Earthy tones in contrast with the icy palette of the winter landscape, ranging from ice to blue.

A great classic of the ski trip is the one-piece ski suit (whether you go to high altitudes, or stay at 0 metres above sea level), as proposed by Save The Duck with matching hand and foot mittens in classic pastel shades, or the two-piece version, as seen at Stella McCartney, featuring trousers and suspenders, jackets and gloves, characterised by colour, beauty and sto nature elements.

Autumn-Winter 2018-2019 children’s knitwear is soft, enveloping, cool: in a word, cosy. Merino wool, mohair, cashmere and cotton are mixed on patterned jumpers, as suggested by Maison ScotchNapapijiri answer is sportier, thanks to super colourful sweatshirts and ski suits to be paired with anything that comes to mind, even a pair of American Outfitters lined trousers or evergreen Levi’s jeans. However, this season’s must is the “Mini Me” trend, with jackets, shoes and après-ski boots directly borrowed from mum and dad’s wardrobe. As for Herno, K-Way and Ai Riders On The Storm puffers, but also Moon Boots and Emu boots. True cuddles for warm and happy kids.

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