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The backpack, the perfect schoolmate

13 . 09 . 2017 by Redazione

September has arrived. There’s a whole school year ahead with a new class, maybe a new school, friends and new faces, unexplored subjects and a lot of desire to do.
Like any respectable journey, ‘you have to pack your bags’, but this time with books and notebooks rather than piles of sweaters and T-shirts. Functional, ergonomic and gritty: This is how every young student’s backpack should be. Perfect for carrying out practical tasks, but with such a great personality to exceed current seasonal fashions.

Herschel Supply is a Canadian brand of accessories created with great attention to details: they stand out for their geometric silhouettes that combine modern and functional lines with a nostalgic look, to redefine the concept of timeless design.

Vintage style, but cutting edge features. These are the key-elements of the urban backpack by Fjällräven, a Swedish company specializing in outdoor equipment. Lightweight and simple, it was born with the purpose of preventing young people’s back problems, but it is also incredibly durable and waterproof.

Loved by mum and dad as well as the little ones, Eastpak and Kipling backpacks, that have been students’ favourite ones all over the world for many years, thanks to an incredible range of styles and options. Comix, Smemoranda, TML Tua Madre è Leggenda and ScuolaZoo, instead, play on the diversity of shapes, prints and famous quotes, while Mueslii combines nylon and colour block details. It is the result of a daydream the enchanted design by Santoro London, Kori Kumi and Gorjuss, as well as the Escudama satchels in a vintage style and fairytale flavour. SprayGround, finally, turns ordinary backpacks into funny animals and invincible superheroes.

Now you just need to wait for the school bell.

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