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Resort 2019: must-have men's shirts

19 . 04 . 2019 by Redazione
When we think of men’s shirt, the first image that comes to mind is that of a classic white, crisp cotton shirt. Basically, the fundamental piece of the typical business man. But if we take a look at the Resort 2019 collections, this image gets powerfully swept away and replaced with fresh, eccentric, colorful and original styles, that suddenly recall outfits suitable for the summer holidays, for fun, relaxing and carefree moments.
Gucci Resort 2019

Gucci steals the scene. If Alessandro Michele made well-thought extravagance his mantra, the rational and eye-catching style that distinguishes him is also found in the Cruise collection shirts. Next to striped patterns, tartan and floral ones stand out, to be juxtaposed freely or combined with other contrasting colours. A trend that also applies to solid-colour styles, often embellished with neck bows and structured collars, next to dressing gown inspired,  paisley motif enriched, waist length proposals with matching belts, marked by a decadent and luxurious aesthetic that looks to the past without losing anything of its contemporaneity.

Etro Resort 2019

The same concept can be seen in the Etro collection. Paisley prints and oriental ornaments invade shirts with shades of blue and ocher, or unusual geometric details and bright stripes. Rust, cyclamen, pink and anthracite, on the other hand, prefer solid colours but are enlivened by iridescent textures, small decorative elements and precious embroidery.

Layering is the watchword for Balenciaga, which opts for oversized micro-flag patterned or full-logo shirts worn over striped or check garments.

Off-White Resort 2019

And if DSquared2 likes to transform the classic white crispy shirt with a punk twist and add maxi logo, pockets, zip and contrasting tartan inserts, Off-White, instead, draws attention with postcard-like prints featuring colourful exotic landscapes  or washed faded denim that becomes almost immaculate.

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