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Polos and T-shirts: Summer 2019 must-have logo fashion pieces

26 . 07 . 2019 by Redazione

Men’s fashion during the summer season mainly focuses on two must-have pieces.  Two wardrobe classics men cannot do without and almost become their favourite uniform when temperatures rises. We are talking about the polo shirt and the T-shirt.

Designers aim at staying faithful to the characteristics of this timeless and everlasting garments, but at the same time, they reinvent it season after season, perhaps through small stylistic details, as in the case of polo shirts, or prints that reflect contemporary trends, as seen in the latest trend T-shirts.

If there is an element that unites both, especially for the summer 2019 collections, it is the logo. In plain sight, in its original version or revisited in a graphic and imaginative key.

Polo Ralph Lauren is maybe the most iconic of all the piqué button up collar proposals. Monochromatic or striped, it is recognisable by the famous embroidered jockey logo.

Also Fred Perry focuses on its laurel wreath logo, playing with the chromatic contrast between the latter, the collar and the background.


If the polo is the choice of those who love a more classic and sophisticated style, the T-shirt becomes the manifesto of youth cultures, to display messages, clarify one’s point of view or declare loyalty to a brand.  The Hype brand proposes bold neon or graffiti like slogans in pure pop style. Iuter ironises about dinosaurs and barcodes through comic and retro illustrations. While Obey uses logos with a strong graphic impact and bright colours as if they were depicted on an immaculate wall.

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