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Men’s jumpers for AW 2019 2020: from great classics to new releases

27 . 09 . 2019 by Redazione

Futuristic designs, floral prints, great classics revisited. The Autumn Winter 2019 2020 men’s jumpers break boundaries while revolving around the basis of the softness and quality of the yarn. Then, they give free rein to patterns, playing with detailing or prints, or to minimalism, prioritising style and materials.

AMI Paris presents a jumper decorated with a vintage print, yet featuring an urban twist that makes this piece extremely contemporary. The result is unexpected, but perfect for an informal look.

Loewe gives a great classic a go. The black turtleneck jumper is a spot-on choice for both a daytime look and creating a relaxed evening outfit.

Bonsai goes all out with a pattern jumper that successfully mixes colours. The only exception is the outline on the collar and the cuffs, that contrast the technicolour effect with a monochromatic appeal.

Rochas upgrades the basic jumper with a chunky knit detailing and a V neck that becomes the real star of the show, thanks to its size and reversed proportions.

Palm Angels

Palm Angels chooses a gradient effect and goes for warm colours, transitioning harmoniously from yellow to red, through orange. The magic happens with the overlaying of writing, in keeping with the Autumn Winter 2019 2020 trend of applying T-shirt designs and concepts to knitwear.

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