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Korean Cosmetics: the magic anti-ageing formula

14 . 01 . 2018 by Redazione

Specific skin products, capable of revitalizing the the skin and prevent premature ageing. This is what Korean Cosmetics offers its clients – available at annex Rinascente in Milan: a refined and innovative formula that combats the dryness caused by cold winter days and fine lines that slowly appear on our face. A revolution in cosmetics that focuses on natural, alcohol-free ingredients to help your pores stay clean and hydrated. Here’s our guide to the most popular products of the Korean Cosmetics universe.



Benton Cleansing Foam
A perfect facial cleanser to combat dry skin. A product that ensures a soft and moisturized skin thanks to a refined natural formula. Gently massage it on the face and neck to reach an enviable silk effect, with a velvety foam that will act directly on pores, cleaning them and freeing them from impurities.

Benton Soothing Gel
Benton Soothing gel is a formula derived from the careful use of extracts and natural preservatives. From Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice to Propolis extract, Pusatilla Koreana and Portulaca Oleracea. No trace of alcohol, which ultimately is responsible for dry skin. No mineral oil and Benzophenone. Just a gel capable of moisturising your skin and make it soft and velvety.


Blithe Crystal Ice Plant Pressed Serum
A latest-generation moisturizing serum containing 63% ice plant extract for a rejuvenating and refreshing effect. It erases oiliness and dullness and immediately stores all the nutrients to keep your skin soothed. The formula, enriched with Argan oil and olive oil, guarantees, then, an anti-polluaging effect. For a great result since the first use.

Blithe Tundra Chafa Pressed Serum
A serum and a cream composed of 60% Chaga mushroom extracts, which are essential for the hydration and nourishment of the skin. Cold processed to preserve the powerful antioxidant properties of the mushroom and fortify skin’s fabric. Together with Argan oil and Fermented oils, Tundra Chafa Pressed Serum by Blithe is particularly suited to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, balance texture and combat dryness and ageing.

Blithe Vital Treatment 8 Nouirishing Beans
A product rich in vitamin E and eight peptides and bean extracts, perfect to moisturize and brighten the skin. From lentils to kidney beans for a serum that can fight dullness and slow down the effects of ageing.


Lee Jiham Vita Propolis Cream
A multi-tasking, glow creating cream with 50% Propolis extract, which is naturally antioxidant and flavonoid rich. Provides an instant “gwang” (dewy glow in Korean) and revitalizes fatigued skin and improves fine lines. For all skin types.

Lee Jiham Propolis Ampoule
A multi-tasking, serum ampoule capable of invigorating and revitalizing your skin, packed with 50% Propolis extract and 20% Multi-vitamins, Sea buckthorn and Centella Asiatica. It also revitalizes skin, helping to even tone, smooth texture and improve dullness. For all skin types. Suitable for acne prone skin.

11 Village Factory

11 Village Factory Moisture Cream
A daily moisturizer that gives the skin a healthy and and luminous glow. A sophisticated and secret formula that, thanks to its Eco Ceramides that strengthen your skin from inside out and the Devil’s claw root extract that regulates oil production and leaves skin optimally hydrated without residue.

11 Village Factory Moisture Toner
A toner that gently removes dirt from the skin leaving it soft and hydrated. A vitalizing product that, thanks to its fermented active ingredients restores energy and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Devil’s claw root extract regulates the production of sebum absorbing undesirable residues.

G9 Skin

G9 Skins-White in Milk Capsule Eye Cream
A white and velvety cream that, with 50% of milk protein extracts, ensures a soft and hydrated skin. Particularly suitable for the eyes, often sensitive to wrinkles and dark circles. Just apply the product to the affected area to get an exceptional revitalizing effect.

G9 Skin Essence Tattoo Eyebrow
A specific product for eyebrows that, thanks to Keratin and 17 types of Amino acid supplies will help to keep them healthy and beautiful.
An Essence that can minimise stimulation by providing the right amount of nutrients designed to remove moisture and ensure a long-lasting and effective effect.

24/7 Touch Up Skin-Perfecting Cream
It features brightening and anti-ageing skincare-grade ingredients The formulation provides a subtle shimmer that wakes the entire face up and gives the skin a dewy look. This foolproof glimmer (no sparkles, just radiant sheen) can be applied under or over foundation, blended in with a foundation or bb cream for extra glow, or on bare skin for a natural, dewy look.

24/7-Honey- Dual Lip Treatment Oil & Colored Tint Balm 
Two products specifically designed for the lips and with two complementary actions: a richly nourishing lip oil, fortified with Jeju natural YooChae honey, which conditions and protects chapped lips. The thick lip oil provides a smooth base for a perfect application of color. A sheer coral lipstick provides lips the hydration of a balm. It’s never cakey, just a more saturated, universally flattering coral hue.

24/7 In-N-Out Conditioning Mist Duo
A product sought to combat dry skin with a dual action moisturizer with indoor effect (to use whenever you feel dehydrated) and outdoor (to be applied before you go out and come into contact with environmental agents). The outdoor mist completely protects your skin from fine dust particles and UV rays, and the indoor mist detoxifies, purifies, and revitalizes exhausted skin.


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