Spotlight on accessories: patterned socks for AW 19/20
Sunscreen even in winter and on the ski slopes
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House plants are for Winter, too

07 . 12 . 2019
Spotlight on accessories: patterned socks for AW 19/20
Sunscreen even in winter and on the ski slopes

Cicero used to say “if you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” To say that books, but also plants, can nourish the soul, each in their own way. House plants are not just reserved for Spring and Summer, but can be your aim for Winter, too, as filling rooms with plants brings a deep breath of nature to a space, thanks to their green colour which is full of energy. This, however, is not the only advantage to take into consideration: focusing on plants means also taking back time for yourself, caring for yourself as for all living things.

House plants

Among the plants you can bring indoors is the Fittonia. Belonging to the Acanthaceae family, it’s known for its beautiful leaves with white or red veining. It does not grow very large, reaching a height of about 10 centimetres. It does not like direct sunlight, but does require fairly warm temperatures.

If you’re looking for a unique, unusual plant, try a Pilea Peperomioides. Its round leaves have long stems and thanks to its appearance it has earned itself numerous nicknames: pancake plant, UFO plant, and money plant. It’s also renowned for not needing much care and its dimensions are limited to 40 cm. It prefers the bright areas of your house.

A Serissa Foetida is perfect for those passionate about bonsai. Belonging to the Rubiaceae family, it comes from the Far East. It resembles a small tree, with shrubbery and branches, while minuscule leaves create dense foliage. It requires meticulous care and must be watered carefully. It is recommended to mist water around the plant to maintain the humidity it needs when in an internal environment.


The plants mentioned above – the Fittonia, Pilea Peperomioides and Serissa Foetida – are just some of the species with which Green Factory, dedicated to green décor, creates masterpieces for the home. The Parisian workshop-boutique features the plants in an innovative way, enclosing them in glass containers serving as microcosms of varying shapes and sizes: eggs, tear-drops, jars. They are terrariums inside which an array of plants coexist without the need for much attention. The ecosystem they create, in fact, is capable of self-sustaining.

The astounding creations of Green Factory seem to come from an apothecary’s laboratory, they’re made by hand and come in a stunning range of options. With Green Factory you can take home a miniature urban jungle.

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