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Fit with the 5-factor diet

08 . 06 . 2018 by Redazione

3 is the perfect number, they say. What if we told you that it is 5 instead? 5 like the meals you can have every day or the minutes you need to spend on your abs to get back in shape in view of the summer. Being bikini ready in time for the holidays is very important, don’t worry, there is still time to lose the pesky localised. How? With the 5-factor diet, a technique developed by Harley Pasternak, personal trainers of stars like Hilary Duff, Megan Fox, Lady Gaga, Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry, who tried it and can’t do without it. Why? Here are the reasons.

5 meals a day

As also recommended by many nutritionists, the 5-factor diet is based on 5 meals a day for a total of 1200 calories daily: 3 full meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) plus two snacks (one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon) ), to avoid harmful glycemic peaks and keep the metabolism active. To know when to eat, here comes the number 5 again: just calculate how many hours pass between the awakening and the time you go to sleep and divide them by 5. You get up at 7.00 am and go to sleep at 10.00pm? They are 15 hours in total, which divided by 5, give 3: so, every 3 hours you have to treat yourself to a meal. Isn’t it easy?

5 foods in the plate
At every meal (excluding the two snacks), you need to have all the nutrients. This is to guarantee a sense of prolonged satiety and a balanced caloric intake, without suffering hunger. Therefore, fill the dish with – for recipes that obviously do not require more than 5 minutes in the kitchen! – proteins, carbohydrates with a low glycemic index (for example, whole grains), good fats, fibers and lots, lots of water. An example? A slice of salmon with a side of steamed vegetables, extra virgin olive oil and a slice of wholemeal bread.
5 weeks duration

To lose weight with this diet, it takes time, as it should be: the schemes that guarantee a quick weight loss do not reveal that the weight will be regained over time and with interests. With the 5-factor diet, it takes at least a month and a half before seeing results, but this is synonymous with a conscious and rational weight loss program. Establish a reasonable goal (for example, 5 kilos) and weigh yourself every week: you will see that gradually your silhouette will become thinner.

5 tasty breaks

A diet, to be really followed consistently, must also give small greedy treats. Every week, therefore, a day of rest from the diet is allowed, in which to indulge in a reward: chips, chocolate, ice cream, cheese, a cocktail… whatever you like, as long as it is taken in moderation!

5 minutes (x 5) of physical activity

As in all diets, nutrition plays an important role in the path towards weight loss, but it is not the only important factor: you also need to get active. Also in this case, put into practice the 5-factor rule: during the 6 days in which the diet should be followed, perform 5 sets of exercises for 5 minutes each, for a total of 25 consecutive minutes per day of physical activity. Pasternak suggests this program: 5 minutes of cardio-circulatory exercises such as a warm-up, 5 to train the lower limbs like step fitness or with the fitball, 5 to train the upper limbs, still with the step or fit ball, 5 minutes for abdominals and finally, 5 minutes of cardiofitness.

5 pros (and 1 con)
The 5-factor diet does not require great culinary skills (every meal can and should be prepared in 5 minutes) and above all, allows you to eat almost anything, even breaking  some rule, of course in moderation. Furthermore, it promotes physical activity as a necessary element to regain the ideal physical shape and proper lifestyle. Finally, it is simple to follow, without major privations, with great benefit for the mood too. Of course, there is a con: 1200 calories a day may not be enough for some, especially for men. In this case, or in case of overweight and obesity (therefore, where the fat mass to be lost is greater than 5 kilos), we recommend preparing a diet program together with a nutrition specialist.
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