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Design: a Natural Style House

29 . 10 . 2018 by Redazione

Raw materials for geometrical shapes, rigorous patterns that emulate entropy, uneven surfaces with futuristic gleams. The new trend of natural style is a décor that pays homage to nature from a surprisingly technological point of view. Although, without overdoing it. The secret lies in choosing a few easy pieces, in apparent formal and chromatic contrast.

A turquoise detail in the bathroom gives the room tropical vibes, a bit of imagination and the shower becomes a regenerating summer monsoon. The bulbs placed in Kinto glass jars are rooted in their water supply, the translucent lagoon inspired candles by Esther & Erik can be placed on the edge of the bathtub to light up long relaxing immersions. iittala jar seems dew pearled and can hold make up brushes or cotton pads. Aquanova bath mat emulates a miniature, small, white pebbled beach

Gold and black, with a unique touch of strictly monochrome colour. Like, for example, purple in the Maxwell & Williams Royal Botanic Gardens porcelain collection, along with the gold leaf of the floral decoration. To be paired with the golden plate of La Tavola Scomposta collection by Funky Table with BitossiStelton water jug depicts an oversized chrome and gold water drop. An elegant mise en place on a raw linen tablecloth that mixes tall and short, shabby and snobbish.

The coffee table becomes a statement piece with an all-black approach. The achromatic colour by definition has, however, some exceptions: Just Slate table runner on which you can lay Maxwell & Williams glass plate/sweet dish, decorated with a swirl of smoke. Stelton french press coffee maker with bamboo lid inspires long afternoons among reading, coffee and treats in Kinto dual tone porcelain bowls.

Earth tones, from brick to sand, embrace the living room with an optical illusion. Kinto lightweight bamboo fiber bowl seems to be made of clay. Viva Scandinavia Anytime collection porcelain cup resembles paper. Kartell Masters chair, designed by Philippe Starck with Eugeni Quitllet, evokes a lightweight intertwining of plant stems, but it’s sturdy and made of plastic.

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