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Musical cities in the world

12 . 07 . 2018 by Redazione

The much-yearned August summer holidays are close: everything has been carefully planned. A week on the Riviera, one in Ibiza to feel forever young and a spiritual journey to find yourselves and get in touch with nature after a year spent at the computer. It’s all done. Everything perfectly suits all your needs, so you can enjoy a well-earned relax. If you are a music lover, have you ever thought about planning a journey around your favourite tunes? If it’s too late, you can always get inspired for your next holidays or a long weekend getaway before the cold season starts.

Here’s a quick guide to must-see places.

Berlin techno and electronic music

Don’t miss this city. If you like electronic music and love to experiment, the capital of Germany is the place for you. This modern and international city hosts a myriad of clubs offering electronic music with techno and minimal influences. This is where you will find the most famous and exclusive club in the world: the Berghain, a true hub for this music fans. Watch out; the admission criteria is very strict.

Vienna and classical music

Classical music still boasts fans and enthusiasts around the world and what better destination than Vienna? The city, which became world capital of classical music thanks to the enlightened despotism of Maria Theresa, houses over 15,000 concerts a year. For Mozart, Hayden, Beethoven or Schubert lovers, it is impossible not to get involved. Not a day goes by without a concert. Among the theaters to keep an eye on, the Vienna State Opera and the Musikverein, great for enthusiasts that, besides listening to great music, can also visit the imposing imperial palaces. If you enjoyed Sissi the musical… hurry up and book!

Timeless London and Paris for alternative hip hop

To make sure, book a week end in both cities. If the Louvre welcomes you with its magnificence, London and the British Museum should not be underestimated. Two different European cities, Paris very romantic and laid-back, London dynamic and fast, yet united by a strong musical genre: hip hop. Still going strong and becoming more alternative. One of the main places to be in London is The Jazz Café, offering live rap performances and hip hop Dj nights. And for those wishing to try karaoke, a stop at Queen of Hoxton is a must. The crowd will decide if you have what it takes. And Paris? The city even has a hip hop festival which takes place in June, therefore, this year, you have missed it.

Jamaica and reggae

If you like to relax, sip a drink, enjoy the beach and almost untouched nature, nothing is more appropriate than Jamaica. The birthplace of reggae and Bob Marley will conquer you with its Caribbean beaches and emerald green sea. Here, you can enjoy and listen to music directly on the beach. Where? Bourbon Beach, where you can dance to live music. If you happen to be on the island in January, don’t miss the Rebel Salute, the ultimate reggae concert.

Colombia and Cumbia

If you follow music, certainly you know the latest trend of the moment: cumbia. This music has popular origins and is accompanied by a special Colombian dance. If you are adventurous and passionate about South America, keep an eye on Colombia and its music festivals that lately have crossed national boundaries reaching L.A. and Paris.

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