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Calorie burning winter sports

08 . 01 . 2018 by Redazione

Finally, the much sought after Christmas break has arrived: a relaxing time to spend with your family. Be careful, though, the menace lurks around the corner: the desire for resting and the holiday season will make you spend more time at the table eating delicacies and doing little exercise. To keep fit, take advantage of a ski-trip and the winter sports you can practice in the snow: here are some tips from Simone Torini, personal trainer and nutritionist. To have fun and feel good, by keeping fit for the new year and the resumption of work.

Cross country skiing

In this discipline, you use both legs and arms. Surely, it is the sport with the greater energy expenditure, that nevertheless varies considerably according to some important factors such as the duration of the practice and the type of route. The benefits? A marked strengthening of the lower limbs and an important cardiovascular work”.

Alpine skiing

“This discipline requires less cardiovascular effort compared to cross country skiing and less strength on the upper extremities. In this case, the most affected muscles are those of the legs, especially if the slope is very icy and located at high altitude. The benefits involve the muscular, rather than cardiovascular apparatus, because often the speed depends on the slope. “

Ice skating

Here is a discipline that everyone can try, without experience or technique: just wear your ice skates and try to balance on the ice! “Ice skating combines harmony, elasticity and fluidity of movement. Legs are mainly used, but compared to skiing, there’s less cardiovascular work and less caloric expenditure, especially if practiced for fun”


Climbing is a sport still barely practiced, but on the rise among mountain lovers, perhaps because it requires great experience and knowledge of climbing techniques. “Climbing a mountain, especially if the walls are very steep and not smooth, requires a major muscular and cardiovascular effort. This is one of the few winter sports in which the upper limbs are working harder than the lower ones”.

Bobsleighing (amateur level)

Descending ski slopes with a quick bob was everybody’s dream when we were kids: we couldn’t wait to then get at the top of the slope to get down at full speed on the sled. “Surely, it is one of the most amusing activities to do with kids, without forgetting to be very attentive: during the descent, it is important to pay attention to the obstacles in your way, like trees, stones or people. You always need to make sure that the path is clear, and know how to use the brakes. Other than that, the greater effort is done when you have to bring back the sled at the top of the slope, ready for another descent “. 

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