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House plants are for Winter, too
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Spotlight on accessories: patterned socks for AW 19/20

06 . 12 . 2019
Easy tricks for choosing serums and moisturising creams
House plants are for Winter, too

Marking a return to basics and elegant style made up of just a few small touches, socks and stockings are back in the spotlight in this for Autumn/Winter 19/20. These are accessories that you can play around with, whether you want to tone down a look, give monochrome ensembles a touch of colour or give outfits leaning towards a more classical style that unexpected edge. They can be tights, knee-high Parisian-style socks, or short and really short models. Boasting all kinds of different varieties, these are, without a doubt, the stars of the show this season. The only one rule? They must be brimming with colour, whether it’s a traditional striped pattern like the ones by Gallo, or pop-style embroidery like in the capsule collection by Happy Socks, a brand whose penchant for inspirations from music, cinema and art runs through its DNA.

Happy Socks: socks for men, women and children celebrating the Beatles and Keith Haring

For Happy Socks’ AW 19/20 collection, three different pop figures are the inspiration behind patterned socks for men, women and children: Keith Haring, the pop artist and writer who transformed the subway of New York in his art lab; the Rolling Stones, who brought the blues into rock music; and the Beatles, who celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of Abbey Road—a history-making album—this year.

They inspired the brand to create socks bearing iconic images. To celebrate the Rolling Stones, Happy Socks selected the unmistakable tongue designed by John Pasche, a defining symbol for the band starting from the Sticky Fingers album cover. To celebrate the Beatles, the Help album cover and key elements from their songs, including the Yellow Submarine, inspired the printed patterns. To celebrate Keith Haring, the brand chose designs that conveyed his special message of love, sharing and equality.

For those who like to explore areas outside the world of pop culture, Happy Socks also makes pairs inspired by nature, with patterns depicting robins and Ginkgo biloba leaves, while foodies can opt for socks embellished with pizzas and eggs, and fans of geometry can enjoy pairs with circles and fractals.

Gallo: socks for those of us who crave stripes

Stripes have always been something of a hypnotic addiction. Those of us who go weak at the knees for stripes love collecting garments where they take centre stage. Gallo has what fans need with collections for men and women offering a variety of colour shades, from socks with cold colours to those with complimentary ones. Stripes are applied to all socks, from short and very short models for men to tights and knee-high Parisian-style pairs for women.

As an alternative, polka dots are also on offer for AW 19/20. These are guaranteed to work perfectly with all kinds of footwear, whether it’s a pair of elegant loafers for men or women, or ankle boots or combat boots.

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