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Winter Cruises

11 . 01 . 2018 by Redazione

A few days off in a warm location, a dip in clear waters, a sudden jump into summer, discovering exotic and fascinating countries. An impossible dream? Not if you choose to go on a cruise: perfect for a mini-vacation, it allows you to visit several places in a short time, by getting even farther than your imagination. Apart from the various destination the cruise offers, on board you can experience all the comforts of a luxury hotel, practice sports and leisure activities, get pampered in a Spa, attend gala dinners and shows. In short, a complete package, allowing you a total escape from reality. Do you already feel like leaving? Here are the latest and most popular routes of the season.

United Arab Emirates

In the first place in the top ten of the most popular destinations this winter, also thanks to the recent opening of the Louvre of the desert, the exclusive twin of the historic Paris Museum, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat fascinate and captivate for their contrasting beauty, where futuristic landscapes alternate with endless deserts and stunning skylines merge into just as wonderful traditional buildings. Our winter is the best time to visit them, when the weather is pleasant and warm and temperatures do not get incredibly hot.


The charm of the far East, where technological advances combine with a culture made of ancient traditions, meditation, silence. Where, just outside the city, you can get lost in the bamboo forests that conceal ancient temples. Japan, always among dream destinations, can now be visited on a cruise. A winning formula, to visit the land of the rising sun without spending a fortune. From the ship, you also have the chance to appreciate the sea and pristine beaches, an unexpected surprise for those who want to be carried away by its magic.

Caribbean and West Indies

You want to escape to a faraway island … and why not choosing more than one? A cruise is the ideal solution for getting lost in the thousand beautiful islands of these archipelagos and fill your eyes and heart with splendor for a few days, by living the experience of visiting unforgettable places and getting lost in amazing waters. Not to mention that Cuba is one of the main destinations to absolutely visit before the changes due to the end of the embargo change the spirit of this country forever.

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