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Valentine's Day: a dinner for two

10 . 02 . 2018 by Redazione

A romantic, warm and charming atmosphere. A breathtaking view, gourmet dishes, fine wines to toast with: this is the winning combination to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And in Italy, you will be spoilt for choice, not only in terms of excellent food and wine, but also the magnificent natural and artistic scenery, from the mountains to the seaside and cities. Here are all the Italian unmissable restaurants for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

MadeITerraneo, Rinascente, Via del Tritone 62, Rome

Starred chef Riccardo di Giacinto proposes a refined cuisine that combines the excellence of the tradition of the countries overlooking the Mediterranean, like Sicily, Greece and Spain, among the perfumes and flavors of carefully selected and organic raw materials, accompanied by a wide selection of wines and bubbles. The attic of 600 Sq. m on the Food Hall roof terrace offers the unparalleled view of the sunset over the eternal city, with the Church of Santa Maria delle Fratte, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Quirinale.
A specialty for Valentine’s Day only: the menu proposed by the chef for Valentine’s Dy is really special. Starting with the welcome drink that introduces the tasty black dumplings with smoked buffalo soup, squid tagliatelle pasta, burrata ravioli, guanciale and artichokes ‘alla Romana’, followed by braised beef, potatoes and black truffle. To end with the exquisite ‘bianco mangiare’ dessert with almond, vanilla, rhubarb and chocolate.

Up Sunset Bar
Spectacular view of the Roman sunset, warm atmosphere, minimal and refined décor, the Up Sunset Bar is a lounge managed by chef Riccardo Di Giacinto, it looks like a magnificent garden surrounded by some of the most striking monuments and rooftops of the city. the Up Sunset Bar offers a contemporary selection of gastronomy and confectionary and an endless selection of wines and bubbles from various Mediterranean countries.
A specialty for Valentine’s Day only: the Upper Bar proposes, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, an original appetizer with two tasty fusion alternatives inspired by various international traditions: shrimp tempura, puntarelle ‘nduja shoots and mayonnaise and a Gin Sour cocktail, or beef tartare, quail egg and artichoke salad to accompany the champagne-based Hot 75 cocktail.

Refined and brilliant embossed ceramics in turquoise tones, powder blue and mustard armchairs, lush jungle prints: it is Temakinho, a perfect fusion between Japanese cuisine and Brazil flavours, popular all over Europe, that arrived last October in the Eternal City, in the splendid setting of Rinascente.
A specialty for Valentine’s Day only: for Valentine’s Day, a very ‘hot’ drink, the Caipirinha PAIXÃO (‘passion’ in Portuguese) based on cachaça, cedilla, lime, strawberry and a Japanese touch of wasabi, created by the resident master barman of Temakinho London Soho, Elton Muço. In 2017, Temakinho Soho won 3 awards for the best caipirinha in London.

 San Gregorio
A welcoming environment that recreates the atmosphere of a grocery shop with a contemporary twist. The gastronomic offer, accompanied by a wide selection of Feudi di San Gregorio labels to exalt flavors and textures, is characterized by a strongly Roman identity with some national references, therefore carbonara, amatriciana cacio cheese and pepper, as well as cold cuts and cheese selected among the excellences of the Lazio and Campania territory alongside preserves and pickles.
A specialty for Valentine’s Day only: a toast to celebrate love! And you will also fall in love with the aperitif, a glass of champagne from the prestigious Maison Boizel accompanied by the tempting and inviting savory proposals of San Gregorio.

Torre Normanna Restaurant, via D. Taiani 4, Maiori (SA)

A candlelight dinner with a magical and suggestive view on the Amalfi Coast in the spectacular Bellavista dining room, near the romantic Torre Normanna, dating back to the 13th -14th century. The perfect place to celebrate the event.

A specialty for Valentine’s Day only: Chefs propose a special menu for couples that traces the various phases of falling in love with fresh fish and traditional products.

Il Meloncino al Camineto, Località Rumerlo, 1, Cortina d'Ampezzo

From the seaside to the mountains. We are in the pearl of the Dolomites, a true institution of South Tyrolean cuisine, offering hearty dishes revisited with creativity, such as delicious risotti, cranberry tortelli with venison and chestnut soup and the Meloncino cake. All in an intimate dining room with a large central fireplace or on the terrace admiring the unique snowy peak landscape.

A specialty for Valentine’s Day only: a crunchy dessert with a soft heart, made with seasonal ingredients combined in an original way, the Millefeuille with chestnut cream and persimmon sauce.

Bistrot De Venise, Calle dei Fabbri, San Marco 4685, Venezia

We cannot forget the romantic city par excellence, Venice. A few steps from piazza San Marco, there is a charming place where red and gold predominate in intimate rooms where you can dine by candlelight. The Bistrot De Venise proposes a gastronomic journey to discover the aromas and flavours of La Serenissima: from bittersweet to fragrant spices, cod, sea and lagoon shellfish. Outside, the gondolas sway slowly, framed by low windows.

A specialty for Valentine’s Day only: the super-romantic dessert ‘Heart Cake’ with black and white chocolate and red fruits, the colour of passion.

Maio Restaurant, Rinascente, Piazza Duomo, Milan

Maio Restaurant
We return to the the effervescent and dynamic Milan, in a location with a contemporary appeal that offers a unique view of the Duomo spires. Chef Luca Seveso interprets traditional dishes in a modern way, with a touch of estrus in a restaurant that combines American efficiency and French charm with Italian style and taste, in a modern and elegant setting.
A specialty for Valentine’s Day only: on February 14, Maio Restaurant welcomes lovers with the Mon Amour Cocktail for a passionate toast. Vanilla extract, lemon peel, prosecco, raspberry vodka and fresh raspberry. To follow, red prawn carpaccio, gorgonzola cream and passion fruit. In between linguine with basil pesto and seafood and lobster and cod soup with white beans, clam broth and tarragon, a refreshing aromatic sorbet with lime and bay leaves is served. And finally, an explosion of tastes with a ‘passionate’ dessert based on chocolate and wild berries.

Corallo Lobster Bar
A sophisticated atmosphere with a ‘marinière’ style, it is the ideal place to taste fresh seafood with an innovative formula that blends American cuisine with Italian ‘marinara’ tradition, featuring the lobster in many variations, as well as various solutions for the most diverse needs, from the quick snack to the dinner ‘for two’. A specialty for Valentine’s Day only: the special menu of the Coral Lobster Bar is dedicated to love, receiving guests with a welcome glass of Prosecco and proposing a romantic entrée to share, Italian style fish and chips, followed by lobster roll or linguine and a delicious dessert, the superb Key lime pie.

Obicà Mozzarella Bar
Here you can taste the best Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO, but also many other products and recipes of the Italian tradition. And it is a perfect place for unique aperitifs overlooking the heart of Milan, thanks to a wide selection of wines from Italian wineries and craft beers.
A specialty for Valentine’s Day only: for a super sweet finale, after a romantic dinner with a view of the Duomo, Obicà offers one of its classic recipes, the buffalo ricotta and pear cake paired with an original creation of its mixologists, the Cocktail Emporio: Cinzano white Vermouth 1757, ginger ale, lime and cinnamon syrup.

Il Bar
It is the ideal place for breakfast, light lunch after shopping, relaxing break in a comfortable and modern environment in shades of gray and blue, but also for aperitifs that change every day, with the most beautiful view of the city and to enjoy a cocktail after dinner.

A specialty for Valentine’s Day only: the bartender offers an original recipe, a true Love Potion based on Campari, Passoã, Bergamot rosolio, Angostura, Peychaud’s Bitter, ginger syrup, all with a romantic view of Milan.

De Santis
The De Santis sandwich reigns supreme: 210 original and unique recipes for luxury sandwiches, prepared with fresh ingredients, offering the customer a true experience that won’t be forgotten.
A specialty for Valentine’s Day only: can a sandwich be romantic? Yes, with the Petit Amour menu consisting of three tantalizing variations: the prawn stuffed sandwich, goat’s cheese in white wine, fresh strawberries, balsamic vinegar glaze, lemon, pepper; the Zibello culatello, sweet gorgonzola D.O.P., fig jam; or the smoked Norwegian salmon, Valtellina bresaola, melted brie, lemon, pepper, rose sauce. Gourmet sandwiches perfectly paired with a glass of Chateau La Gordonne Rosé, an elegant and crystalline wine created in the Provence region with sweet and very citrusy notes.

My Sushi
A unique and enjoyable gustatory experience in the most famous take-home sushi in Milan which turns into a rich and fast tapis-roulant with a wide selection of sushi, sashimi and delicious finger food, always fresh, to taste with the formula “see-choose-taste.” The experience is also expressed through the ‘à-la-carte’ menu to embark on a journey through the eclectic and surprising flavors of the Rising Sun.
A specialty for Valentine’s Day only: for all lovers of Japanese food, a special selection of Aburo sushi and sashimi with ceviche of marinated amberjack in orange juice, to be enjoyed while sipping the special and aromatic Pink gin tonic.

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