Rome: all the flavour of the Land of the Rising Sun in the Capital
In Florence to taste the refined Tuscan cuisine
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Turin: must-see cultural destinations

04 . 02 . 2019 by Redazione
Rome: all the flavour of the Land of the Rising Sun in the Capital
In Florence to taste the refined Tuscan cuisine

Rinascente in Turin (via Lagrange 15) will inaugurate the new menswear departments, where you could also find many accessories by exclusive brands. A perfect opportunity to enjoy the historic center of the Savoy city, spring exhibitions and museums.

From Porta Nuova railway station, you will reach Rinascente through the Sambuy Gardens, a little gem enclosed within majestic arcades. Yet, this is not the only green spot in town: not far, the Cavour Gardens will allow you a moment of relaxation from shopping, among secular sycamores and nineteenth century architecture, including Palazzo Biscaretti di Ruffia and the Convent of the Sacramentine Nuns. 

A few steps farther, you will find CAMERA, the Italian Centre for Photography (Via delle Rosine, 18) where, until March 24, you could attend “Winter”, the world premiere of the unprecedented work by Sandy Skoglundwhich she has been working on for more than ten years, within “Vision Ibride”, the first retrospective show dedicated to the American artist.

To re-energise, head to the Royal Gardens, guarded by the ancient bastions of the city and recently reopened to the public after decades, from which you will have the chance to see the Mole Antonelliana and admire Simone Martinez’ eighteenth-century Fountain of the Tritons. Upon exiting the gardens, proceed towards the Royal Museums (Piazzetta Reale, 1), with the Royal Palace and its Armoury and the Sabauda Gallery, which, until March 17, will host the court portraits of Van Dyck, a pupil of Rubens.

In the Royal Library, in addition to two hundred thousand books, you will be able to admire drawings by Raphael, Rembrandt and the famous “Self-portrait” by Leonardo. To honour this great master, this year, the extraordinary exhibition “Designing the Future” will be held from April 15 to July 14, 2019, displaying over fifty autograph works collected by the House of Savoy, including the celebrated Codex on the Flight of Birds.

A visit to the Egyptian Museum (via Accademia delle Scienze, 6) is a must in Turin, it is, in fact, the oldest in the world and features a large collection of ancient finds. The museum is also the keeper of the the 18-meter long Iuefankh Papyrus, the longest ever found, in addition to many mummies, utensils and testimonies of the ancient civilization that lived on the Nile. Wander among the majestic exhibits and statues of Queens and Pharaohs in the King’s Gallery and visit the Restoration area on the first floor to see the researchers at work.

 Not far from it, the National Museum of Cinema, inside the Mole Antonelliana, is a temple for Cinema lovers, showcasing the Lumière Brothers’ inventions  but also contemporary special effect technologies, that you will be able to experiment first hand in the interactive rooms. An amazing experience for young and old alike. Take the panoramic lift to climb the Mole up to its 85-meter height and admire, in a single glance, the whole of Turin.

Are you an art fan? Gam, Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art (Via Magenta, 31) always hosts magnificent exhibits with works of art from the largest museums in the world and from private collections. The permanent exhibition has been recently renovated and is worth a visit to discover the new selection of works. Until March 24, you will find the Macchiaioli exhibition, including over 80 masterpieces by Fontanesi, Banti, Fattori and Signorini. From April 18, the monograph exhibit “Giorgio de Chirico: Return to the Future”, with the works of the metaphysical visionary until the Pop art era.

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