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The best amusement parks in Europe

12 . 08 . 2018 by Redazione

You have already organised the holidays, but you want to experience something different than the usual tour? Theme parks are perfect for spending a day out of the ordinary, immersed in a magical atmosphere. Europe offers a wide range of proposals, from the most renowned ones to the most modern resorts with thrilling rides.

From the unmissable Disneyland Paris with all the latest Marvel novelties to the local amusement park hidden in the woods near Treviso, handmade and electricity-free, here are our tips for a fun-filled day.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris should be the first theme park to visit in life! Here, the fairy tales that fed our imagination come alive with amazing events and rides able to enchant even the most disillusioned adults, so that in 2017 alone, the park hosted 9.66 million visitors. This year, the great innovations are by Marvel: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America and more are the new protagonists that will attract guests from all over the world to the Walt Disney Studios park.


The Europa-Park in Rust, in the Baden-Württemberg state, is the second most popular park in Europe. More than a hundred mechanical and aquatic attractions located in 15 thematic areas dedicated to European Nations, including 13 thrilling roller coasters.

Giardini di Tivoli

The heart of Copenhagen conceals the Tivoli Gardens, an ancient amusement park created in 1843. Even today, Tivoli is an enchanted place where you can enjoy the woods, rides, roller coasters and cultural shows that have been fascinating several generations for nearly two centuries. Don’t miss the Pantomime Theater, an iconic attraction where you can attend yesteryear cabaret and ballet performances.

Port Aventura

Port Aventura is the Catalan leisure complex South of Barcelona, offering a mix of water rides and not for all tastes. Here you’ll find the Shambala, Europe’s tallest roller coaster (76 meters high), and Dragon Khan, with eight exhilarating overturns as well as spectacular Mexican and Mayan civilization worlds.


Moving to Italy, it is impossible not to recommend Gardaland, a nation trademark, which this year offers a new high-impact 4D experience: the San Andreas 4-D Experience. Among the latest introductions, I Corsari la vendetta del fantasma and new shows like Gardaland on Broadway & 5 Elements.

Osteria ai Pioppi

A few kilometres away, there is also a less known but equally fascinating reality, in a forest near Treviso, hidden behind the Osteria ai Pioppi. Here Bruno Ferrin built, starting in 1969, about 40 rides, with his bare hands and without engine.

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