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Rome: 5 restaurants to absolutely try

14 . 01 . 2018 by Redazione

Visiting Rome is not only a feast for the eyes, but a real triumph for the palate, thanks to the variety of recipes of its tradition that makes this type of cuisine one of the most respected in the world. Juggling among all the culinary offerings in the city is not simple, often seemingly very simple restaurants conceal super refined menus, that’s why, even true Romans, sometimes need to follow some advice.

Felice a Testaccio

Felice a Testaccio has now become a Roman legend, so much that they recently opened a new restaurant in Milan. In the historic restaurant of the 20th Roman district, opened in 1936, the atmosphere doesn’t seem to have changed, it features a theatrical flair and very efficient service. And that’s what makes the experience here even more memorable, with lots of laugh while the waiter is busy with the rite of mixing the tonnarelli cacao chese and pepper, only one moment away from the first ecstatic bite.

Osteria da Fortunata

Moving to the heart of Rome, at the corner of Campo de’ Fiori, the Osteria da Fortunata is an address to keep in mind even for a late dinner: you will be pleasantly welcomed. At the entrance, two women prepare fresh pasta. Home-made production is the strength of the tavern, which turns first courses into real masterpieces, like the Amatriciana.

Da Armando al Pantheon

As the name suggests, Armando al Pantheon is located a few meters from the famous Temple erected by Agrippa, amidst beautiful historic buildings in the heart of Roman political and tourist life. That is why the restaurant is frequented by the most varied clientele and it is certainly an essential destination for all food lovers. Leaving aside for a moment the first course menu, Armando stands out perhaps even more for meat courses that honor the tradition with great loyalty, as in the case of saltimbocca alla romana or picchiapò boiled meat.

Sora Lella

Looking for tradition, but also new flavours? Sora Lella is the historical restaurant on the Tiber island which once belonged to the famous Elena Fabrizi, known as Sora Lella. The secret of the success of this third-generation managed place is giving a touch of lightness to the classic Roman cuisine, without excluding its flavours. The constant search for excellent local raw materials guides this generational mission, allowing a timeless place as Sora Lella to renew itself with a mix of ancient and modern recipes, capable of conquering everybody’s attention.

San Gregorio in Rinascente - Via del Tritone

Finally a new address: San Gregorio is located in the food hall of the recently opened Rinascente in via del Tritone. A traditional gourmet corner where you can take a break from shopping. Here, Roman and national specialties are proposed in conjunction with the Feudi di San Gregorio Irpinia wine labels, able to enhance the most authentic recipes. It is a bistro-deli with the excellence of Roman gastronomy and Campania tradition framed in the shop windows: you won’t leave empty handed!

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