A weekend in Capri: exclusive tips from an expert
Summer 2019 funniest destinations
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Dream holidays: must-see destinations for 2019

05 . 06 . 2019 by Redazione
A weekend in Capri: exclusive tips from an expert
Summer 2019 funniest destinations

This summer’s colour is green. The wave of environmental awareness translates into the search for sustainable travel without sacrificing comfort, (almost) zero impact luxury, in contact with nature, in a distant destination to savour life and indulge in relaxation.


Glamping has the charm of camping and eco lodge merged together, with the advantage of being a few steps away from Portofino, Amalfi or Saint Tropez. Choose the location that is right for you: directly on the sea or lost in the hills, as long as the feeling remains to escape. Many of these structures are created around simple farmhouses, in order to savour local gems and delicacies.

Where: in a yurt in Molise, in a geodesic dome in Croatia or in a village with a tiki-style bungalow on the French Riviera, to disconnect from everyday life by totally immersing in greenery.

Hotel Sauris

If you are looking for all the comfort of a hotel with the privacy of your own home, the Albergo Diffuso, or scattered hotel, is a philosophy that gives you the best of both dimensions, bringing you a comfort zone that leaves room for new emotions. A trend that made it possible to recover and enhance small historic Italian, otherwise uninhabited villages, recreating the authentic atmosphere of the past.

Where: in Matera you can literally sleep within a UNESCO heritage site, among the typical stones of the Grotte della Civita, a few steps from the Parco della Murgia. In the hotel in Sauris in Friuli, near the homonymous lake surrounded by mountains, as well as in that of Quaglietta in the Alta Valle del Sele in the Avellino area, absolute tranquility reigns.

Forest bathing

Do you need to regenerate yourself, without facing the crazy crowd of the beach?  Focus on “Forest bathing”, a real immersion in the greenery, in the thick foliage of the forest that removes stress, releases tension and strengthens the immune system. It is a practice that has existed in Japan for about half a century (it is called Shinrin Yoku) and is also becoming very popular in Italy.

Where: in Tuscany, from the Maremma to the Val d’Orcia, and Alto Adige. Among the balsamic scents of fir resins, the sound of streams, the pure and oxygenated air of the undergrowth, you will return to bloom.


Do you only have a few weeks available and want to maximize the experience? So why staying on just one island, when other small worlds are there to be explored in just a few nautical miles? Where: from the Cyclades to the Aeolian Islands, from the Azores to the Balearics, and even the Lesser Antilles, choose the archipelago that suits you best based on your map of unexplored territories. Among the most spectacular locations, we recommend the one between the green Anguilla, the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean, and Saint Martin, among Hollywood villas and malls, but also hidden beaches where pirates once landed.

And in your suitcase? The bare minimum.  Few carefully selected clothes, to be mixed in your personal cruise collection. In the Resort area at Rinascente in Florence and Milan Duomo, you will find a selection of beachwear, essential items of the moment, accessories, beauty and beach house home décor.

Just pick a destination and go. Have a nice summer!

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