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A weekend in Cagliari surrounded by history and wilderness

11 . 06 . 2018 by Redazione

Cagliari is a hilly city, made of stones as strong as Sardinian people, apparently gloomy, but with a big heart. It could not be otherwise for people used to spend the days between the crystalline sea and endless stretches of bare fileds, a synthesis between dream and reality that is represented by one of the most seductive Mediterranean atmospheres. The chief town of Sardinia boasts a long history, that goes from prehistoric times until today with layers of Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman, Spanish, Piedmontese, Pisan colonization, easily seen in the timeless buildings, churches and works of art.

Imagining a historical itinerary to discover the city, the ideal walk would starts from the port, from where you can admire the Town Hall, a structure characterized by Gothic-Catalan elements and Art Nouveau white limestone motifs. Along largo Carlo Felice, you enter the Marina, the fisherman’s historic district. From here, you can climb up to the Citadel of museums and the Castello District, where you can breathe the most antique air of Cagliari with attractions such as Palazzo Viceregio, the Cathedral, University and the Tower of the Elephant, while from the Umberto I terrace of Saint Remy bastion, you can admire the splendor of the city and the coastline from above and on Sundays you can walk among the market stalls. If you like shopping, visit the Marina but mainly via Roma, where Rinascente is the reference point for fashion, design and beyond.

Cagliari cuisine is obviously the mirror of the city and its people, the result of Catalan and Genoese influences, with recipes such as mazzamurru, a soup of stale bread, guisau (stew) and cassola (fish soup), or the malloreddus, home-made dumplings, and burrida, diced marinated catfish. These are just a few of the dishes found at Al Porto, a fish restaurant serving delicious revisited local specialties. For those who would rather stay loyal to local traditions, the Italia restaurant, a former salt warehouse, is one of the oldest in the city where you can sample the best local recipes.

The elegant Villa Fanny is the right address for those who want to stay in an elegant renovated residence in the heart of Cagliari, surrounded by a charming garden which is perfect for an indulging breakfast. Once visited the city’s neighborhoods, head to the South towards pristine beaches before reaching the dreamlike atmosphere of Faro Capo-Spartivento, the only lighthouse in Italy dedicated to hospitality where you can immerse yourselves in nature and live a unique experience.

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