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5 destinations to escape the summer heat

28 . 07 . 2018 by Redazione

Not only beach and sea, for those who do not like the heat there are beautiful destinations where to spend unforgettable holidays enjoying cool temperatures. From Europe to America, here are five destinations to forget August scorching heat.

For some years now, Iceland has become a popular destination for summer holidays, thanks to the less rigid climate compared to winter, breathtaking views and long hours of light that allow you to make the most of the endless days. The advice is to take at least ten days and start the adventure, visiting the capital Reykjavik and then moving north, in a clockwise tour. Traveling along the jagged Icelandic coast means immersing yourself in Viking history, discovering volcanoes-glaciers, natural thermal waters, fishing villages, fjords and sail the icy waters for some whale watching

If you are aiming at a closer destination, Ireland could be the ideal choice: it offers profoundly different sceneries and cultures. A short flight from Italy, it is a real beauty and peace paradise. The advice is to organise an itinerary, starting from Dublin and studying the various stops based on the most beautiful castles and splendid medieval cathedrals. Ireland is famous for its greenery, a truly unique emerald hue along hundreds of kilometres that will illuminate your eyes and heart. Do not miss the very famous Cliff of Moher plunging into the Atlantic ocean to the west of the island, but also the Glendalough nature park, the Rock of Cashel and a tour of the Ring of Kerry with a special stop in the Skellig Islands.

Scotland is often the most popular alternative for a trip to Northern Europe after Ireland. It may seem like a similar journey but, in reality, the two destinations are profoundly different, for landscapes and culture. Greener and welcoming the first, more remote and mountainous, the second. The views remain astonishing and unique, the Highlands offer unforgettable sceneries, with valleys crossed by stretches of water that extend along the endless horizon.  Castles are a must-see here, richer than the decadent charm of the Irish ones, but for this reason more similar to one another and monotonous. The Eilean Donan Castleis one of the most picturesque in the Highlands, built between land and water … you will feel like entering a nineteenth century painting.

North and South America offer an amazing option for a cooler August, the extreme north but also the extreme south, areas both located near their respective poles. Alaska is a destination of mythical charm, a place of adventure, where you can discover the pristine nature of Prince William Sound and its sensational ecosystem, venturing as the first explorers who dreamed of these places.

At the opposite end of the continent is instead Ushuaia, in the Tierra del Fuego, the archipelago that delimits the entrance to the Antarctic Circle, to be discovered with a cruise that will reveal a new world to you.

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